Practical And Successful Strategies: How To Start A Blog

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how to start a blog and make money online: Friends I am going to tell you the best strategies to start a successful blog where you can make a good revenue through that blog. Because It is too easy to start a blog but a successful blog is not so easy, therefore

I will explain here to start a successful blog with some steps from scratch to last that will clear your all doubt to start blog 100% and you can maximize your earnings when

you can understand the best way to start a blog and some tips that will make you aware in the blogging field. that can be a success in your life & you can get a good experience in your life So, let’s begin and learn how to start a blog.

Why Should We Start A Blog?

First, we will discuss why we should stat blogging Many people are there those have changed their life through blogging you don’t get here soon result but when you get a result then It starts giving a good revenue for you.

Blogging effects in many ways to your life It improves a lot of things in your life such as It helps you to make a side income source that will keep giving you money but you will have to work hard in starting you will also learn about SEO.

Build Your Online Connections. Helps To Follow Your Passion. It Creates a Side Income Source. You Can Earn Name & fame Improves Your Writing Skills You Can Improve Your Lifestyle.

You Can Help Many People. You Can Be an Expert In Any Topic SO, see some points why you must start blogging.

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1. Build Your Online Connections.

Guys, Blogging is the way where you can build your online connections here you don’t only make a website even create an online audience that comes to your blog website, read your blogs & comment well.

they are the online connections that help you to grow in life & many times you work for them to give them good content.

You can build a lot of networks through blogging based on good content that will help you to meet many good/talented people who will help you to be a successful blogger.

2. Helps To Follow Your Passion.

Blogging is a platform where you can follow your passion because blogging mostly relates to your hobby or passion which you feel happy to do so,

you only have to write about your passion or hobby which would help many people to know you & your passion where you will work with the heart & will succeed one day.

You know that you can write much content about your passion so choose your favorite niche topic & start writing to be a blogger.

3. It Creates A Side Income Source

Guys, It is also important that If you are working on your blog So, you will be paid money for that in the form of salary. You can also avail of the benefits to make a side income source here you have any sources to earn with a blog website

you can get approval on AdSense to show ads on your blog for earning revenue & can use affiliate marketing to earn more commissions through your website reference So, you can make your blog a side business.

4. You Can Earn Name, fame & Popularity

Blogging is the biggest platform where you can make name & fame instead of earning money here you earn name because of the online network many people know you get popularity among them

you are known as an expert of the topic you write. You get popular & earn name, fame in blogging career. Blogging gives you many things if you continue here then you can also change your life as well.

5. Improves Your Writing Skills.

Seo friendly content, In blogging, you keep writing blogs daily or as per your routine then It keeps improving your writing skills you can grow your typing speed as well here.

It helps you to be better in English because of knowing the grammatical errors So, always start blogging in English to improve English language & writing.

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6. You Can Improve Your Lifestyle.

If you are a student or professor anyone you can improve your life there is no age limit in blogging you can start any time & change your life through fans, name, fame & money these all things are fulfilled by blogging career but you must have the patience to be successful.

Many people are there those who have changed their life totally from zero to hero So, you must start once to know about blogging.

7. You Can Help Many People.

Blogging is not only the way to gain publicity even also the way to help the people or students who are looking for any answer to their question.

Many students find the question’s answer on google where any blogger helps them to find the answer So, blogging helps you in growing & helping people.

8. You Can Be An Expert In Any Topic.

In the blogging career you don’t write only even you learn many things you can be an expert in the topic you are writing on your blog.

There you can write many articles on a simple topic which will help you to be an expert on that topic So, do blogging once in life to gain knowledge & good experience. Top 8 Reasons Why I Started Blogging.

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Best Things To Know Before Starting A Blog.

I am observing that nowadays everyone is getting excited for the blogging you can find 2-5 bloggers in every society.

this is called the craze of blogging where everyone is making a career & want to be a successful blogger in life for name, fame & money So, today

I will tell you 5 important things that you must do before starting blogging because these are useful & helpful for your blogging career.

I can guarantee that the points I am going to share here that will help you at any cost in your blogging career So,  know the best things to know before starting a blog.

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(1). Keep one month’s content in the backup.

This is one of the important things that you must follow. You should keep at least one-month quality content in the backup because blogging is the platform where you should be up-to-date So,

It is essential to have one month content if you keep then you can easily copy-paste the content to your site easily when you are busy or you have to go anywhere So,

I hardly recommend that If you are going to start blogging then keep content for the future having contents in the backup will make your life for the future. Best Things To Know Before Starting A Blog.

(2). Choose the domain as a keyword.

If you are thinking to start blogging so, read this paragraph carefully because I will tell you that choose the best domain related keyword So, that you may increase your searches otherwise

you can choose domain name regarding used domain which should have a good domain authority then there are many chances to rank your website because It’s domain name relates used website name having good D.A(Domain Authority ).

(3)Take good quality hosting.

It is also an important part of your blogging career that always chooses a good quality hosting & purchase from the best host provider

such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, etc.because hosting is the most important part of any website which provides a place where you can create your websites.

If you take normal host then It may destroy on getting high traffic ever So, take good & best hosting So, that It can bear traffic easily in the future you can start with shared hosting as a new blogger So, Always go with the best host provider. 

(4)Use the English language. 

Always use the English language for blogging I know many are there those are using Hindi language but if you are a new blogger then use English because

google can read you article properly & can index in google & second thing never copy-past article from any website because google can easily track your mistake/spam & your website rank will start going down day by day So,

make your own content with the ideas taken from here & there. I suggested the English language because google will understand your language & will help you to rank.

(5)Use WordPress For Blogging.

Guys, as we know that there are two best platforms( &  are available where you can start blogging but If you are a new blogger So,

I want to recommend because It is too easy and simple to use you can set up your blog here easily with some steps & if I talk about customization So,

you can customize your blog as you want because here you can find best plugins throughout you can add new features to your website So, use WordPress for blogging best things to know before starting a blog.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name: Guys, I have taken the best topic about a domain I will tell you how can you choose a good domain & will tell you about the benefits of a google friendly domain name where you will be able to learn to choose a good domain.

So learn best 5 tips for choosing the perfect domain name for better performance on google because It is too important to have a good name domain-related your niche topic to rank on google

So know some tips to search a google & SEO friendly domain easily So, that you can improve your site performance on google. know the tips for choosing the perfect domain name.

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Tips To choose the right domain name

Know some tips to choose the best domain name that will be 100% google friendly Always choose “.Com extension“. Related to niche topic or keyword. Choose a short domain name.

Choose a unique Domain name. Choose an easily pronounced name. see the below-given steps.

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(1).  Always choose .Com extension

This is the most important to have .com extension for the domain name because there is the largest number of people those are using .com extension, this is the most used domain extension So,

there are many chances to rank or better performance on google having a .com extension So, take .com at any cost because of having more searches in .com will help you to get a good domain.

(2).  Related to niche topic or keyword

The most important thing is to have domain name related to your niche topic the topic what about you will write articles on your blog or your domain name should be a keyword searched by many people so that

you may get a lot of organic traffic through searches that will increase the value of your website on google. So, I prefer to choose a keyword or niche related domain tips for choosing the perfect domain name.

(3). Choose a short domain name.

tips for choosing the perfect domain name: Always choose a short name domain that can be a better thing in your domain name because google index

that domain soon those are short & easy to see and remember, this will also help your website to rank your website that will help you to get a google friendly domain.

(4). Choose a unique Domain name.

It is essential to have a unique domain name because It decides your rank on google that will help your domain name to be famous soon because your domain name will be different & unique but

If you choose matching domain that time your domain won’t show many times on google when others search So, choose unique to make a good keyword. 

(5). Choose an easily pronounced name.

I prefer you to select or choose an easily pronounced domain name that will help your audience to remember soon clearly that will increase your online audience So, that If you tell others about your website then

they can understand at once you won’t need to say many times & mostly google can understand your domain name & will index to google and learn the tips for choosing the perfect domain name.

Blogger And WordPress Which One Is Better For Blogging

when someone thinks to start blogging then he gets confused because of having a lot of blogging platform but guys & are the best blogging platform So,

I will tell where you where should you start blogging between both the best sites which are better. that where you should start blogging then He gets two option & So know the best blogging platform which will be suitable for beginner bloggers. So,

know some differences between & So that you can clear properly where you should work to make your career in blogging. After reading the differences you can clearly which one is the best platform for your blog

Guys If you are looking for a simple blogging platform for beginners where you only have to write then is the best for you because It is specially composed for the blogging where bloggers can blog easily but is the platform where you can make any type of website but I want to suggest that If you are a beginner blogger that you should go with So, that

you may learn to blog there then you may migrate to WordPress after learning to blog.

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Most Featured Platform For Blogging.

Guys this is right that is made for the blogging but It has limited features which will not help you to add more extra features but platform where you can use plugins to add more new features So that

you can make your blog better in customization you can add a contact form, sidebar, about the author, etc. many features So, If you want the freedom to customize your website then choose Here you can change your website header & footer through plugins.

Best Customizable Theme Provider Blogging Platform. is one of the best blogging platforms but It doesn’t give you many of the best themes here you can download & can upload any theme to the website but on provides a lot of customizable themes

where you can easily choose any theme easily & can customize as soon as possible to start your blogging Astra is one of the best themes to create any types of website. blogger vs WordPress for AdSense.

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Easiest Blogging Platform Between Blogger & WordPress. 

Blogger.Com is the easiest way to blogging where you can start with no cost you will get free hosting & a subdomain through that you can learn the writing strategies & blogging. So, first, you should go with

which is too easy & simple but WordPress is too advanced than blogger So, start with then after having a good experience you can migrate to WordPress for more experience because

If you go to WordPress directly then It may be difficult for you & you may lose your hope to start blogging So, join the easiest platform. Blogger And WordPress Which One Is Better.

Start With Cheap Rate. 

If you can’t buy a domain & host then provides a free platform for blogging where you can start writing blogs with a free subdomain & If you are a beginner then It is the best option for you but

If you are an experienced so, can go with WordPress where you have to purchase a domain & host then you can easily connect WordPress with your host then start writing articles & make revenue So, It’s up to you which you want to choose.

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Practical And Successful Strategies To Start A Blog.

Guys after setting us all thing te mani things comes to setting up your blog some successful strategies so that you will get good success in blogging field you must remember things I have explained through my experience.

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(1)Purchase domain & Good hosting

The first step will be to start blogging you have to purchase a good domain and hosting because this is the main part of your website you have to choose domain related to any keyword so that you may get more searches and that will be organic traffic and

If I talk about hosting so if you are new in blogging career so you can choose a starter plan. otherwise, if you have some blogging experience then

you may choose good hosting that should be durable so that if there is more traffic on your website so it will not impact your hosting so you must take a good domain and host.

(2)Install WordPress.

After taking the domain and hosting you have to connect with each other and have to install WordPress you will get many platforms where you can create your website but if you are going to start blogging so

you must go with WordPress because It is so easy to use and here you get free themes along with plugins

that will help you to customize your website and to add new features in your website such as you can add about the author in the sidebar,

you can add a contact form, etc. there are many plugins that would help you to make your life easy in blogging career so I want to highly recommend you to use WordPress how to setup your wordpress blog.

(3)Choose Adsense friendly theme.

Guys after setting up the WordPress website. it is very important to set a theme regarding AdSense friendly and google friendly it is too important

So you have to choose good and customizable themes. I am going to give you some examples which are the best free themes.

* Newspapers

this is known as one of the best WordPress themes for blogging which is used by many bloggers because this is a theme that is to customize and you can make it simple and attractive so that

your visitors would like to read the whole article. And the important thing is that you are given this theme free of cost through WordPress so you can use it for blogging.

* sahifa.

This is so simple and attractive theme which is new on WordPress so you can use this because it looks so much better and it is AdSense friendly and google friendly both by using this theme.

Google will scan your website properly and will index it on google as soon as possible and it is also free of cost you can try it.

* hitmag

this theme looks so cool I want to recommend you this theme So, you must use once because this is too cool as a newspaper here you can add a lot of articles on one page and different sizes so, try it.

(4)Best theme & customization

It is too important to have a good theme that can be unique in google So, that Google can identify your theme that you have taken something new to the website.

You can also customize your theme that can make your blog unique to others. It is a much more important thing you must follow then you can create a good blog on the best responsive & customizable theme.

(5)Add master pages.

after setting up all things domain hosting and theme you have to add some master pages on your website which is very important because it will increase your website demand and visitors and learn how to setup your wordpress blog

* contact us.

you must add a contact us page to your website because through this page visitors can contact you easily through email id you will have to create a form on this page

where name, email id, mobile number will be required and submit button when they summit you will get a mail for the visitor so this is too important to you this page.

* about us.

about us, the page will tell your visitors about your website story that when you start blogging, how much experience you have, how successful you go, How many websites you have,

what are your hobbies, etc means you have to write here about your website success stories.

* privacy policy.

you should also add the privacy policy page because through this you can clarify How satisfied your website is this is a legal or illegal website etc. so you should add this page It will help you to gather client, customer, and users, etc.

(6)Use Yoast SEO

After setting up the domain, hosting & theme you should install Yoast SEO plugin to your WordPress dashboard It is totally free and best SEO tool provided through WordPress then

you have to set up it properly in settings to improve the blog quality, can set the meta description So, that Google can identify your website properly & can index in search engine.

(7)Add to social Networks

After doing the all set up you have to create an account on all social media platforms and have to add to your website So, that

google can find out your social media networks on your site & can index on google because this is too important to have social networks account with the name of your website name So, that

you can increase the traffic to your website. Every blogger faces this problem in stating they don’t get proper traffic, therefore, they must use Social media platforms to drive traffic in starting.

(8)Research before writing posts

After setting up all things now it’s time to write blogs. You must remember this thing before writing blogs you should research about the topic you have chosen.

You don’t have to copy-paste an article from any website you can take ideas from many websites & can create unique content to make your article best use some SEO tips while writing the post in how to start a blog.

(9)90-100  post in 4 month

how to start a blog: After researching you have to set a target that how many posts you have to write per month you can set a target to write 90-100 posts in 4 months you have to complete it at any cost.

Remember that you don’t have to take Adsense approval now just complete you post in 4-5 month because you have to index your whole article to google & have to give regularity to write posts,

you have to use SEO tricks in writing posts. You must have the best article that you have written, then the next step.

(10)Adsense approval

After writing the 100 articles it’s time to get AdSense approval you have to apply for AdSense account then you will get approval easily you won’t be rejected because

you would have proper content & 100 posts that will help you to get approval after that you can start your earning  

(11)Start Earning.

After AdSense approval, I am 100% sure that you will earn with AdSense because you have a good domain, hosting, theme, 100 posts & AdSense approval then you will start earning because of traffic on your site that will be organic because

after 100 posts you will have a lot of traffic that will have indexed to google then you will get traffic automatically So, best of luck to all those are going to start a successful blog and how to start a blog.

how to start a blog and start making money.

Conclusion:  I hope I have cleared all doubts about starting a blog. we discussed the best strategies to start a successful blog by following all information step by step you can start a successful blog.

To get good experience in a blogging career you should follow the thing given in the options because It will help you in blogging career.

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