Top 5 Best WordPress Plugin For Blog In 2020

Top 5 Best WordPress Plugin For Blog In 2020: Hello friends, welcome to this site today I am going to share a good knowledge about plugins I will tell you some useful plugins that you must use in WordPress blog site as a blogger because

this is the time when you can’t be a successful blogger without using plugin plugging matters to be a successful blogger here I will tell you about some plugins which will be helpful index your website in search engine optimization.useful WordPress plugin for bloggers.

I will tell you how plugins can change your website look and optimization because this will be helpful for you so let’s begin.WordPress plugin for the bloggers.

1. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is the plugin that can add a contact form type on your web page. You can make a page contact us and there you can use this plugin to make a contact form so that visitors can contact you through name, email they can submit their name and email on that form and that form details will be sent to your email ID so that

you may understand about your visitors they have send notification to contact and you can contact them directly this could be beneficial for your visitors to reach to you so,

you must use contact form 7 because it provides best free e and customizable form which looks so awesome and simple so you must use this.

2. Yoast SEO.

I would like to tell you about us SEO tool which is an SEO plugin you can use for free it is provided by WordPress for the new bloggers it is a God gift because through this

you can rank your post you can add a lot of features to your post when you write down your post you can add the post meta description can set the permalink can optimize your post length writing skill everything

whatever is needed for the SEO you can do this Yoast SEO tool which is totally free for you I want to tell you that it every new blogger use this it is my personal experience that

if you don’t have money so you can go with this free version which is totally free easy to use and fast to rank you must use this plugin.

3. Elementor.

Elementor is known the best article writing plugin because in the elementary you get a lot of features which helps you to write down google friendly article you can dragon drop everything

whatever you want to add in article such as you can add toggle, images, social icon, author etc.whatever will make your article better in look that you can do through Elementor and this is also true that  80% of bloggers use this plugin to write down the article because

it really helps to the largest extent and you can make your work easy the Elementor is based upon a dragon drop and what design you want to give your article can give the shape you want to give you article can give.

this is the power of element how you can make your article attractive and beautiful so that visitors kinetic to your articles to read out they will not legal website before reading the article but you should have proper content.

4. Amp

This is an amp plugin that you must activate and install your WordPress website because this is the plugin that is made to make websites fast in loading how fast your web page loads. when someone comes to the website the time he wants results should be soon he will not wait for a long time so

you must use this plugin it will make your website fast and you can open any web page as soon as possible. visitors would like to read the whole article when any web page loads fast otherwise if

your website is loading slow at that time he will cut your website and we’ll go to another website so you have to think about your visitors who want to see the result as soon as possible.

5. Mail poet

This is a plugin which can be too much useful for a blogger because through this you can add a subscription button your blog web page it will be beneficial because if any visitors come then he can subscribe your website

After that whatever post you write then this plugin will send a notification automatically to your subscriber then he can see that mail and if topic is interesting then he would like to read this through this plugin

you can create strong audience those will keep reading your articles on a daily basis in this plugin you can design mail that will go to your subscriber that should be interesting and attractive so that your subscriber and visitor would click to read more than he will be attached with you totally.

Top 5 Best WordPress Plugin For Blog In 2020.

Conclusion: we discussed the top 5 best WordPress plugin which can be used for blogging by bloggers these will be useful during blogging especially for the new bloggers these are the most important plugins to start a blog.

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