Amplify WordPress Website with MilesWeb’s Managed Hosting

Amplify WordPress Website with MilesWeb’s Managed Hosting
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WordPress is the leading CMS platform which captures more than 60% of the market share. Do you want to build a blog or an eCommerce store? WordPress has the potential to meet these objectives. However, building an online presence without WordPress hosting is impossible. Therefore, many WordPress hosting companies are offering web hosting services with different features and hardware configurations. 

MilesWeb is a trusted WordPress hosting service provider that gives a strong online presence to your WordPress site. Exemplary features of security, storage, and server quality, make MilesWeb the first choice of WordPress hosting users. Let’s dive into the details of how MilesWeb can bring maximum results through their cheap WordPress hosting plans.

Is MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting Good?

MilesWeb has been leading the managed WordPress hosting industry since 2012. Over the years, they have worked on just one motto: “Your Hosting, Our Responsibility.” Customers do not have any complaints regarding any kind of web hosting services including the WordPress ones. That is why they can serve over 50,000 clients and host 1 million domains. 

As far as MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting services are concerned, the web host offers exemplary services that skyrocket the online presence of WordPress users Additionally, they also provide cheap reseller hosting UAE options for those looking to expand their hosting offerings. 

Key Features of MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting

  1. SSD NVMe Storage

Storage is the major factor that determines the quality of any web hosting service provider. MilesWeb offers SSD NVMe storage. Website owners can experience up to 10x faster performance of their WordPress sites. 

The web hosts embrace advancement and thus rely on SSD NVMe than conventional HDD (Hard Disk Drives). Hence, there are no concerns about the slow loading times of websites. Users get the fastest WordPress hosting plans with SSD NVMe drives at no extra charge. 

  1. WordPress Preconfigured

Do have challenges in installing themes, plugins, or WordPress itself? MilesWeb does the heavy workload for you! All of their WordPress hosting plans come with pre-configured WordPress. As a result, the entire management of your website becomes simple. Plus, the installation of WordPress is done with themes and plugins, which reduces the work of setting up and installing WordPress to run at its best.

  1. Free SSL Certificate

Security is a paramount factor in maintaining the website’s credibility. Thus, MilesWeb offers a free  SSL certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt for free with all WordPress hosting plans. The SSL certificate on a website encrypts sensitive data and information. Also, it builds trustworthiness and keeps you away from intruders. 

With an SSL certificate, your domains get ranked at a higher position on Google or other search engines and keep your WordPress site safe. 

  1. Automatic WordPress Updates

Never miss out on any WordPress updates with MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting plans. Checking updates manually seems to be a tedious task.  MilesWeb offers automatic WordPress updates, and ensures to keep the website secure and up to date! 

In addition, there is a technically proficient team that keeps an eye on updates related to the WordPress platform, plugins, and more. 

  1. Dedicated WordPress Support

MilesWeb’s customer support team is available 24×7 that helps in resolving all kinds of WordPress site-related issues. The team is devoted to fixing errors, adding features, and making your WP hosting journey hassle-free. 

Apart from manual support, there is a wide range of knowledge hub that guides WordPress hosting users to follow relevant steps. Because of this, users sometimes manage their technical issues independently. 

  1. User-Friendly Control Panel

Managing a domain without the control panel is challenging. So, MilesWeb offers a user-friendly control panel with their WordPress hosting plans. All these stuff make it easier to manage emails, install software, upload & download files, add domains, and more. 

Users get the best control panel names like cPanel and DirectAdmin. Both are the industry’s prominent names because of which website owners do not experience any kind of issues in managing domains. 

  1. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, MilesWeb’s cheap and fast WordPress hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In this manner, users get a WordPress hosting free trial for 30 days and continue if they want to continue their service. This money-back guarantee builds the brand power and ensures there is a higher customer satisfaction rate. 

Final Words

Excellency, vibrancy, and customization all these aspects are covered in MilesWeb’s WordPress web hosting plans. Excellent uptime up to 99.95% and free domain on premium plans add value to the online presence of WordPress hosting account users.  

On top of that, if your website is not passing Core Web Vitals then MilesWeb’s hosting plans are the right means to achieve this. Migrate for free, and get Premium CDN (Content Delivery Network) with enhanced DDoS Protection to build a WordPress website leading in search engines.

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