How To Create SEO Friendly Content In 2023

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How To Create Seo-Friendly Content: Hello friends, I am back with the most interesting topic where I will tell you the best way to write down SEO-friendly articles. How you can rank your post easily on google & can rank on the 1st page of google by learning some steps

I am going to share I am writing about it because many people don’t know how to write quality content that can be ranked on google they just keep writing what they think So,

I have chosen this topic to help those who don’t know how to write SEO-friendly articles In this topic I will clear your all doubts and will give you some points that will help you to learn how to create SEO-friendly content.

1. Research before writing.

This is the first thing you must follow you have to research the topic you are going to write. you have to go to many websites & have to check the content you don’t have to copy-paste from another website just can take ideas from many websites after that write by self.

you must create unique & quality content that will help you to find more visitors So guys remember that you have to research half an hour on the topic you are going to write a blog post, how to create SEO-friendly content.

2. Keywords Researching

After researching the article/content It’s time to research keywords which is the brain of the article

It is the main thing in the article that is a must without keywords It is too hard to rank any post this time So,

you must research keywords with paid way or freeway you can use anything but keyword researching is too important for ranking any post by the keywords you can get more searches on google.

3. Use Headings & Subheadings

It is an essential part of an SEO-friendly article that you must use headings & subheadings in article writing because

It is said by google algorithm that you must use heading in the blog post to make an SEO-friendly article So, guys you must use headings & subheadings in the blog post.

4. Use internal & external links.

You must use internal and external links in your blog post because it helps to rank your blog because when

you link any other post with this post then if one post is ranked then the second post will automatically rank but

If you are a new blogger and you don’t have any post to link then you can link another website link related information such as search your post definition on Wikipedia & attach the link here.

External link after completing you have to give a link to another article at last for external link So, you must use links.

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5. Use some keywords in h1,h2 tag.

You must use keywords in h1,h2, etc because google mostly looks in your h1, h2 So, If there is a keyword then Google will rank your post soon through keywords So, guys add keywords in h1,h2 that will be helpful for ranking your post.

6. Check the post length.

How to create SEO-friendly content: After doing all the things you have to optimize your post length that should be within limit and not so short you have to explain everything in the article then check article length.

You must use the Yoast SEO plugin that will help your article to be optimized when you write an article then It will tell you how article length required for the blog post So,

It is more important not to be log and the short article should be in perfect. how to write SEO-friendly website content.

7. Add Post meta description.

After Completing the all-important things you must add post meta description to your blog post that you can use Yoast SEO plugin or Rank Math SEO

It will ask you to add post meta description where you can use keywords to rank your post It will do many things SEO related for you for free.

because google reads your meta description first the It ranks your post on google first page S, you must use the post meta description, how to write SEO-friendly content beginner to advanced.

8. Use Keywords In description & Alt text.

You must add a description in image alt text which is one of the Image SEO tricks when you upload an image then there is asked option alt image where you should use keywords because google algorithm doesn’t understand image So,

you must use keywords in alt text So, that you can help Google to understand the image then

You will completely write an SEO-friendly article after that publish the article then you will see after a week your article is ranked.

How To Create Seo Friendly Content For Ranking Fast

Conclusion: We discussed how can you write SEO-friendly blog posts/content where I shared 8 tricks which will help your article rank on google, and how to create SEO-friendly content.

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