Technics To Rank Higher On Google (6 Powerful Steps)

6 Powerful Technics To Rank Higher On Google: Hello, friends you are most welcome to this blog post where you are going to learn the most essential thing regarding your blogging journey or could be about your business and brand as well.

Today I am going to share how you can rank your website or blog higher on Google by following some steps.

These days you know about the competition in blogging it’s too much more than our thinking it has been too difficult to rank any blog post in the top 10 on Google

if I talk about beginner bloggers when they start working they think it is easy e but after jumping into the pond of competition they feel insecure and they quit the blogging.

that’s why I would like to share some points which will really help you to improve your search ranking and you can rank your blog post-higher on Google.

Rank higher on google step by step.

Now let’s focus on the points and steps that will help you to achieve a higher ranking on Google that will help you to rank higher on google and

will help you to improve search ranking as well which matters for you. Let’s focus on the following points given below.

1. Find a keyword you want to rank

You know without finding the better keywords you can never rank your blog or website which is the biggest mistake committed by new Vibes and bloggers. 

technics to rank higher on google by following 6 powerful steps where you will learn more things regarding ranking factors, keywords,backlinks and read more

So, your primary work is to find out keywords those you want to rank for otherwise, you can also choose that keyword which is already ranking in the top 10 on Google.

See what qualities your keywords must contain.

#Find long-tail keywords

If you are new in blogging so you must go with long-tail keywords which are easier to rank on google and you can grab more benefits through some efforts so long-tail keyword can be more beneficial for you.

#Keyword with high search volume

Always choose a keyword with high search volume because your one position improvement can help to gain more organic traffic.

To find the keywords that keep high search volume.

#Keyword already driving more traffic

If you have a keyboard that is already driving more traffic for your website so you must use that if the topic is going similar.

because by using these keywords a little improvement or position upgrade can help to gather more organic traffic.

#With low KD(keyword difficulty)

If you are new in blogging so you must choose the words which have low keyword difficulty because if you choose high then

it will become too much hard for you to rank your blog because already many people are working on that keyboard so you must go with low keyword difficulty keywords initially.

#Keyword that provides high business value

There is no more benefit to having traffic on your website if you are not getting conversions and revenue so you must choose the keywords that provide you high business value.

Find out those keywords which can work to gain your business and customers.

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2. Figure out best-ranking factors 

Now focus over the best ranking factors which are most essential to rank any blog or website you should never ignore these activities and process because your own insurance can take down your website traffic and customers.

technics to rank higher on google by following 6 powerful steps where you will learn more things regarding ranking factors, keywords,backlinks and read more

#Number of referring domains

After a long search, this outcome came out that the more number of backlinks you take from referring domains the more it becomes trans to rank in the top 10 on Google.

Basically, if your website is linked to more referring domains then you can reach to rank by some efforts.

So what you need to do you just start linking your website to a lot of more unique website to rank higher on google.

#Visitor intention

As you know Google always keeps that information at priority those fulfill the user and visitor intention so you must clear what visitors are searching for because

whatever they are searching if you can answer them the quality content then Google will obviously keep you at the top of your article is fulfilled the visitor’s intention and queries.

So you can also use search table queries as a keyword to rank higher on google and improve search ranking as soon as possible.

#Page authority

According to Google algorithm, page rank is the most essential thing which is measured in the backlink authority so you must improve your website page authority so that Google can trust over your pages.

So you don’t need to analyze only referring domains you must also analyze page authority so that you can fix the issues and can make your article ready to rank on google.

#Website authority

Website authority is one of the best ranking factors on how to rank any article in the top 10 on Google’s first page.

Website authority is measured in domain rating which is a more essential part of the ranking factor

 So you must create a lot of quality backlinks for your website or blog.

#Content type

Your content type also matters for ranking higher on Google. The content type can be basically divided into four parts:  blog article, category,  product, services, and landing pages.

Your content keeps the primary role to rank on google because google always keeps that article at first

which is unique, quality and relevant content along with that are fulfilling the user intent So first focus on your article gives efforts to make it powerful.

3. Never Forget to create backlinks

As you know creating a backlink is the more essential process of ranking any blog post because in this process you create a lot of backlinks for your article and build trust.

technics to rank higher on google by following 6 powerful steps where you will learn more things regarding ranking factors, keywords,backlinks and read more

so that Google can easily trust on a website and content to rank higher on google nowadays many ways are available to create quality backlinks such as:

#Create backlink with guest posting

Guest posting can be the best way to create quality backlink because in this process you provide another website an article and in connection with this

you get a do-follow backlink from that website this is a great way which can help you to make more backlinks here you need to give more efforts to write quality content for other websites.

#Create backlink with infographics

Infographics are also in the trend to create backlinks for websites you can create more attractive and informative infographics and can create backlinks using that easily.

#Broken link building

you can create a high-quality do-follow backlink with a little bit effort by finding broken links anywhere suppose you have found a broken link on a website that is useless.

so you can contact the website owner and can request him to replace that link with your blog post link which must be suitable and similar for that article where you are going to link so that you won’t reject to get backlink there.

#Commenting on blog

You can also create backlinks through commenting on other blog posts related to your blog niche nowadays it has been hard to create a do-follow backlink by commenting but

few websites are there that provide DO-follow backlinks on commenting so you can also use this to rank higher on google and improve search ranking.

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4. Defeat other pages that matter.

Guys ranking on Google has not been as easier as it was earlier so you will have to defeat other pages 2000 huddle of your blog ranking.

technics to rank higher on google by following 6 powerful steps where you will learn more things regarding ranking factors, keywords,backlinks and read more

you will have to monitor and analyze your competitors what they are doing for ranking in the top 10 on Google’s first page so that

you can do some extra hard work and effort to overcome them then you will be able to rank higher on google.

Because for ranking, the more efforts you give the better results you get.

Let’s fix some issues that can help you to get a better ranking.

#Fix referring domains issue

If your website has issued you regarding referring domains so you can fix this by building more high-quality links to your page from another website.

You can link your website domain name too more unique websites that can fix this issue and you can grow up.

#Fix page authority issue

If page authority is the issue so you can build more page-level backlinks for your website or blog pages and you can also add relevant internal links to your page then you will be able to boost your page authority.

#Fix website authority issue

It is not so easy to boost website authority. It can take more time because it increases by the time based on our website quality, content quality, internal and external links, image optimization, etc So

you don’t have to wait for higher website authority It will keep increasing by the time you just keep working hard to give your best.

5. Track site rankings.

If your goal is to rank your blog post higher in Google so you also have to track your ranking on how your blog is performing on Google how many engagements, clicks, impressions you are getting.

technics to rank higher on google by following 6 powerful steps where you will learn more things regarding ranking factors, keywords,backlinks and read more

For tracking your site rankings you may need some rank tracking tools such as SEMrush which you can also use for free many tools are there which provide free services

so by using them you can find out the errors and issues of your blog post which is stopping your blog to rank then you can make some changes to improve and boost search ranking after that you will really see many benefits.


I have explained 6 technics to rank higher on google in detail where you can see many useful points that can help your blog or website to rank on google by paying some efforts. I hope you have enjoyed this article.

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