How To Reduce Spam Score Of Your Website To Boost SERP Ranking

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Techniques To Reduce Spam Score Of Website To Boost SERP Ranking: Hello friends you are most welcome to this blog post where I am going to elaborate all about spam score which is the hurdle of any website for progressing and ranking.

Today, I will tell you some techniques through that you can reduce the spam score of your website and can make your website ready to improve rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Do you know guys’ spam score is one of the biggest issues where we don’t pay attention Everyone should take care of this they are running a website or blog.

You will get shocked to hear that at least 10,000 websites are blacklisted on a single day so spam score is also one of the biggest reasons

which can push you in the blacklist that’s why you must care about this and should follow the instructions given.

If you want your website not to be blacklisted so you must check your spam score and should reduce it if you find it higher.

Because Google bots don’t like to crawl spammy websites those have a higher score and it may impact your growing search ranking in SERP.

Therefore I have chosen this topic so that you may reduce the spam score of websites as soon as possible through the following techniques given below.

I have tried to cover all the points regarding spam score reduction that will definitely help you to boost your website SEO score.

What is the spam score?

The spam score is a numerical calculation that defines your website is spam level.

the higher percentage always shows a higher spam score which is not a more good thing for your website it can encourage your site to be blacklisted.

Spam score basically increases because of bad content quality, wrong internal linking method, and bad backlinks.

Moz always judges your website spam score according to content quality and relevancy of internal linking and backlink So, focus on content relevancy and reduce spam score of website.

#How to check the spam score?

Any website spam score so it is too easy you can download the Moz bar Chrome extension then install that after that it will show icon in the browser you can see in the screenshot given below.

Reduce Spam Score Of Your Website To Boost SERP Ranking

After installing the Moz bar chrome extension, you have to click over that then you will be asked to create an account on Moz which is totally free.

you don’t need to take any paid plan just create an account and login then you will see any website spam score including domain authority and page authority.

Reduce Spam Score Of Your Website To Boost SERP Ranking

see in the screenshot above how will it display the domain details

#See spam score breakdown

Here is the complete breakdown of how any website spam score is measured on the basis of the following data.

0-25% – Low (Good)

25-50 – Average (require reduction)

50-70 – High (In danger zone)

70-100 –Very Bad

What are the reasons that increase spam scores?

Before starting the main content I would like to provide some reasons those increase score so that you may avoid those issues

that will help you to have a long-distance from High spam score and you can reduce the spam score of the website as soon as possible.

#Spammy domain extension

The following extensions I have given are from top-level domains but those are spammy websites that mostly use these domain extensions.

  • .info
  • .ga
  • .cf
  • .tk
  • .ml
  • .loan
  • .work
  • .men
  • .organic
  • .date

#Email and phone number absense

Prestigious websites always keep their mobile number present on their website you can find out anywhere in the header or footer but

those are spammy websites they don’t keep the email address or phone number you can’t find anywhere Air India websites so you should avoid contacting these websites.

#Impertinent backlink Creation

Creating irrelevant backlink always increase your website to higher spam score these are bad backlinks such as

you are taking multiple backlinks from any post to your website that is considered irrelevant backlink creation.

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#Stolen websites content

If you are copywriting website content from any website it’s mean you are publishing content on your website that is already published.

You are spreading spammy content that will be the reason for the High spam score.

#Backlinks from spammy sites

Create backlinks from the spammy website it means those websites which are not more trusted by Google and

their spam score is already high so if you create a backlink for your website then your website spam score will automatically increase.

#Invalid clicks

Invalid click is also a component that can increase your website spam score

#High bounce rates

Higher bounce rate is also a reason for spam score go higher when users and visitors don’t stay on your site it’s mean your content is considered spammy.

#Negative feedbacks from visitors

If you are getting more negative feedback and comments from the visitor it can spread span on a website that

your website is not eligible to provide quality content and it is spreading spam that can be a reason to increase Spam score.

#Publishing violent content

If you are writing and publishing violent content on a website that is encouraging Political violence, Economic Violence,

institutional violence, Sexual or gender Violence, Cultural Violence, Religious violence, Cyber-bullying, etc.

So you are spreading spam on the internet and this is also the reason to increase your website spam score and your site rank down.

How to reduce spam score of website

Let’s focus on the points given below how you can reduce spam score of website by following points and techniques.

How to reduce spam score of website to boost SERP ranking you just focus invalid clicks, spam, quality backlink, domain, relevant content, authority websites.

#Allow backlink from a high authority website

You must allow backlinks to your website from high authority websites it is the most measure factor where your website is linked with

so to achieve higher Domain authority and search engine ranking you must get backlinks from the higher authority websites.

#Give backlink to a well-reputed website

If your website has good domain authority so many site owners will contact you to create backlinks on your website so

always allow those websites who are well-reputed in the market and reduce spam score of website never allow spammy websites for internal linking on your website.

#Never include automatically generated traffic

Nowadays it has been a trend to purchase traffic for your website it is true that you can boost your website traffic through that

but if you go with the long term condition so this trick fails Google can catch you easily and you will be blacklisted on doing this irrelevant work.

#Web 2.0 Links must have relevant content

It is true that creating backlink on the web 2.0 links website can boost your website traffic and organic search but if

you are creating backlink and not taking care of relevant content issues so it can harm your website as well so

first, see the content of web 2.0 links that should not be spammy then create backlinks and reduce spam score of website.

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#Use paid tools to check spam

You must use paid tools to check the spam score and what is activity happening on your website because the paid tool always gives you more relief you can use Alexa, Spyfu, Moz, Ahrefs, etc.

#Use SSL Certification(HTTPS)

Use SSL certification to your website because all trustworthy websites use this and it keeps your website secure and reduce spam score of website

if you don’t have an SSL certification then the website looks so insecure and your users would never like to take information from your website due to uncomfortable.

#Increase number of pages

Increase the number of pages in a website because spammy websites always have less number of pages.

#Check all the inbound links

You must check all the inbound links coming to your website to check that is spammy or quality link

you can take the help of Google search console and after finding the bad links and make a list of bad links then you can disavow them using search console.

#Maintain CPC terms

Maintain the CPC (Cost Per Click) terms and conditions of your website you will have seen many website owners have their friends and candidates

those click over their site ads to get more clicks but if it continues for a long time your website can be blacklisted by Google.

#Maintain bounce rate

Bounce rate keeps the big role to maintain your website spam score so you must write down relevant content so

that users would stay on your website and then the bounce rate will be in balance you can easily reduce spam score of website

#Don’t publish violent content

Google always marks those sites as spammy that keep violent content related to Political Violence, Economic Violence, institutional violence, Sexual or gender Violence, Cultural Violence, Religious violence, Cyber-bullying, etc.

To avoid publishing violent content on your website to reduce spam score of website soon.

#Avoid black hat SEO technique

Using keywords in the domain name or keeping your domain and subdomain name same can push you to the Black hat SEO so

never keep domain and subdomain name same to earn higher ranking it can give you benefit a little bit but after that, it can push you to the blacklist So, avoid doing such activities.


I have tried to clear all the doubts related how to reduce spam score of website I cleared spam score increment and reduction both where I have given everything in the points so that you can understand it properly.

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