10+ Google Ranking Factors You Must Follow

List of 10+ google ranking factors you must follow in 2020. Some of them are announced by google and here you will find proven google ranking factors.
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10+ Google Ranking Factors You Must Follow: Hello, everyone you are most welcome to this most important blog post where I will discuss the top 10 major Google ranking factors you should follow to rank your blog or website on Google.

You know there are 200 + google ranking factors that are available but we don’t have to work on all luckily. Because it was the time of 2009 when Google hinted about 200+ writing factors but

now we are in the digital generation so, apart from these we must focus on main and pointed concepts to Google ranking factors

those are more important and deserved to rank any blog or website here is a defined and detailed top 10 Google ranking factors.

all of them will help you with a higher search engine optimization strategy So, let’s have a look at the content.

10+ Google Ranking Factors

Now it’s time to reveal these top Google ranking factors which are going to clear your doubts and will help you to a large extent to boost your search ranking and Google prank.

1. Backlinks

The backlink is the basic part of the Google ranking factor according to Google algorithm backlink is the most important part of Google ranking factors.

If you are getting backlinks from the strong web pages doors ab higher domain authority, references domain, and search ranking so

your website can also get ready to rank on google because along with having quality content and domain authority is also higher then Google will give your blog priority to rank.

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Strategies of creating high-quality backlinks 

#Write high-quality content

#Do guest posting

#Create a digital business profile

#Make a strong bond with 

#Rebuild broken links

#Link to the related websites

#Make blog the source of bloggers

#Strong social sharing Plan

2. Content Freshness

content freshness is the most important ranking factor of Google it is most important to make your website or blog unique.

Whenever you search for any news or query which is in trending so Google knows properly that the user wants current news so Google will rank the current articles that will be published on that query but 

freshness will not work every time because if you are looking for a guide material or any solution  then Google can rank the oldest post also

because content quality also matters if old content clears the user intent properly than new content so Google will obviously rank the old article which was published in the last 1 or 2 years could be anything

So if you have fresh content and want to rank it on Google then you will have to work hard on this to make it the most valuable content which can clear the user all doubts then you will be able to rank your post.

3. Search intent

User search intent is the most google ranking factor that is captured by Google what the user is looking for.

You will have seen Google never rank the same content for every keyword or query suppose you are searching for “buy the watch online”

So Google will recommend the best SEO-optimized eCommerce websites from where you can directly purchase the watch this time it is your intention to buy the watch.

But if you are searching for “learn to code online” so in this case, Google will rank the blogs which would have quality content related to your query what you have searched this is the difference google changes the content if you change your query.

so first find out the keywords and queries related to your niche what people are searching for then

you can create high-quality and valuable content to rank on that particular query that will automatically work to rank your article because satisfying the user intent should be our primary focus while writing content.

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4. Content depth

Content depth is also the most essential part of the Google ranking factor you know Google always wants to rank those articles

which are the most useful and valuable for any query which can cover the all-important information that users are searching for.

However content depth is not about longer content because longer content is not always better so content depth is all about writing the optimized and relevant article.

which is covering the maximum pieces of information that searchers are expecting to see and find out.

if you want to rank any article for any query so first you will have to search that query on Google and should find out the competitors

what they are doing how they are writing from there you can get ideas and clues to write the most valuable content.

You can also take content ideas bye by reading the “people also ask” which also matters for the users.

5. Content accuracy

you know content accuracy keeps a big role to rank any post so it is also the most essential Google ranking factor

because Google’s aspiration is to give accurate results for every query whatever is searched on Google by searchers.

That’s by Google always recommends that accurate knowledge and result whatever is available in the content accuracy should be the primary focus for any blogger and writer.

If Google ranks the inaccurate information or result for any query so it will be most dangerous for Google’s reputation and users also that’s why Google first confirms that the knowledge result it is going to be delivered is accurate or not.

You could be thinking about how Google gets to know what is accurate and inaccurate so In this case, a backlink is a way which confirms the data is accurate or not because 

If your website or blog contains dangerous or inaccurate data then no one will link their website with your website that is the reason Google doesn’t rank inaccurate data to users’ queries.

So content accuracy should be one of the main focusable points

6. Website factors

Here are some website factors which can affect your website ranking so let’s focus on the points mentioned below.


A sitemap is the most primary Google ranking factor which helps to know search engine which pages your website has included

then the search engine index all pages on your site automatically it is really most effective way to get indexed soon.

#Google Search Console

You know Google search console can also help you because it is said that if a website is verified at Google search console

so it helps in indexing fast apart from this Google search console basically provides the available data about your website

through that, you can improve your website ranking by optimizing your website according to data.

#Web server location

Your web server location also impacts your web ranking because few web server locations provide superfast features that help your website to load fast which can help to improve ranking.

#Domain trust

The mentalist is the most essential Google ranking factor which is not so easy to build.

You know about Google TrustRank which helps Google to know about which website is trustable.

TrustRank basically works to filter your website trust that is it is trustable or not this process is done when Google finds a link and content as trustworthy

then it sends the signal to TrustRank then if TrustRank is low lo then your website is not able to rank that time.

7. Page speed

You know page speed also matters for your website ranking it has been a ranking factor since 2010 so you must follow this Google ranking factor and improve web page load time.

page speed is not about defeating your competitors in loading time but page speed is all about making a website speed fast sure which cant impact negatively on your user.

In 2018 Google said about mobile page load time that your mobile pages should display content under 3 seconds and also sad the total size of your webpage should be under 500kb.

So you just have to focus on web page speed if your website is verified at Google search console so you can directly check your website speed on mobile and desktop after that you can optimize your web page to improve speed.

8. Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization has been a more essential Google ranking factor which is also called by the mobile-friendly and responsive website that maintains your web traffic.

it is more important to ensure your website is mobile-friendly because Google has announced at the starting of September 2020 that

All websites when we considered and judged by the mobile version look not by the desktop version so if you want to rank your website on Google

so first make sure that your website is designed for the mobile view because most people use mobile so your website should look attractive in a mobile version which can help to boost your web ranking.

9. User experience

User experience is the more important thing which you must gain by positive user experience what users are giving feedback to your website and articles related to content

because Google always wants to rank those content which has positive user experience and offering uses for the positive response and content.

Google has said that you have to make a website to your user benefits.

Some tips to provide your users for positive user experience on your website

#Easy to read content

#Interesting and informative content

#Well maintained website

#Responsive web design

#Mobile friendly look

#No unuseful ads

#Fulfill user intent

# User-friendly design

Google finds out user experience by analyzing bounce rate, CTR (click-through rate ), session duration, etc So,

to check your user’s experience or behavior you must check the google search console and google analytics tool.

10. Google My Business  listing

Google my business listing or listing on other business listing sites can help to optimize your online visibility and search ranking.

it is most important to claim, maintain, and optimize your business on Google my business.

This is the part of local SEO where you only have to list your business on Google my business then it helps your customer to find out through map and local search.

your business can be searched to buy nearby searchers and customers who are searching for the product related to your business.

But to optimize your Google my business account properly then you have to add all the details whatever will be asked in the detail or info field you have to add a description, photos, business hours, practical videos and categories, etc.

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Some more useful google ranking factors

you must focus on these SEO tips and technics which are more helpful for ranking any blog or website in search engines.

#Canonical tag

#Image Optimization

#Linking domains

#Do-follow backlinks

#No-follow backlinks

#Anchor links

#Links from a homepage

#Content Updates

#Keyword in title and description

#Keyword in the H1 tag

#Internal and external links

#Referring to domain authority


I have shared best-deserved google ranking factors that word properly just follow the steps and see your blog ranking on google definitely It will take efforts and hard work because the competition is on the top you know well.

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