Top 11 Best Digital Marketing Bloggers in India to Follow

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Bloggers in India to Follow
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There is no more chance to reach your intended audience. They’re huddled up on a blanket, staring at their phone.

The internet is influential in today’s society. Having a social media presence is now more critical than ever for advertising.

Searching for paths to success in the Internet age can be challenging and exciting. These 10 Indian digital marketing bloggers have compiled their digital marketing blogs to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Digital Marketing Blog: What is it?

Blogs on digital marketing are like information hubs that track developments in the field.

Scholars and enthusiasts with decades of knowledge in the subject keep them updated to advance the profession.

You’ll find much helpful information on these blogs if you’re trying to enter the digital marketing sector or expand your current reach. 

Each blog is unique, and the lessons learned from reading them might help you make better marketing choices.

You can rely on the advice of these 10 digital marketing blogs, whether you’re the owner of an established brand considering moving operations online or a student considering a career.

#1. Priya Florence Shah

Priya’s interests include blogging, writing, & content creation, which she approaches enthusiastically.

She generates a variety of material using her expertise in digital marketing and her passion for empowering and supporting women in leadership roles and business ownership. 

She noted how the internet had altered public relations and advertising for businesses.

As a bonus, she’s been named a social media influencer worth following and a digital marketing expert to watch in 2020.

#2. Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain had made a significant contribution to the field of digital marketing. He began his career at seventeen and has achieved success in every field of digital.

His creation, echoVME, is a digital marketing powerhouse serving its customers for 10 years. 

2019 marks the start of Sorav’s journey for teaching and educating individuals to spread his experience and knowledge via Digital Scholar.

In his online marketing blog, he discusses SEO, Instagram marketing advice, social media strategy ideas, digital marketing school reviews, digital marketing agency reviews, and more.

Sorav’s Instagram feed features interactive videos and informative postings, including his blog, Digital Scholar & echoVME.

#3. Social Samosa

With your daily morning, midday cup of tea, or evening, you can read the posts on Social Samosa, an Indian digital marketing site.

Your ‘adda’ is where consumers and businesses may share information and ideas. Simply put, it’s a hub for keeping tabs on the latest social media news. 

Motivated to impact opinion leaders, elevate critical thinking, and provide engaging material, it has offered unparalleled value to its audience.

The site’s creators, Aditya Gupta and Ankita Gaba set out to develop a social samosa that provided users with everything they could need in one convenient location.

#4. Himanshu Arora

Himanshu is a digital marketing expert with over 16 years of experience. He is a prominent trainer, consultant, & Indian blogger.

A co-founder of Social Panga, he has seen it snowball. The company provides a full range of digital marketing solutions, from website design and development to social media marketing and search engine optimization.

#5. Anvesha Poswalia

As an online marketing blogger in India, Anvesha Poswalia always maintains a positive outlook. Former Google employee turned digital marketer for L’Oreal Professional, and she was recognized as the “Economic Leader of 2018” by Economic Times. 

She was recognized as among the “40 under 40” digital leaders in 2019 by Social Samosa. Recently, she was recognized as among India’s “Top 30 Digital Marketers.”

#6. Digital Scholars Blog

You’ll be one step closer to being ready for the workforce if you spend a little more time reading and learning from the Digital Scholar daily.

They launched in 2019, intending to produce graduates who can compete successfully in the international digital marketing business.

The company is proud of its agency culture and emphasis on goal-oriented training and appears to have a bright future. 

The Digital Scholar is Sorav Jain, a digital marketing specialist whose blog features a wide range of articles on several digital marketing-related topics.

Their frequent updates attempt to foster creative thinking and address readers’ concerns about their field.

#7. Deepak Kanakaraju

Since 2007 when he first got fascinated by the field, Deepak Kanakaraju has become a blogger, motorcyclist, author, trainer, and speaker in digital marketing.

He founded Digital Deepak after 5 years of running the most popular motorcycle blog on the internet, which attracted a following of one lakh people and received one million page views. 

His blog, titled “Digital Deepak,” is a treasure chest of advice for establishing and maintaining a prosperous online enterprise.

Two of his works are How to Land Your Ideal Digital Marketing Career & Content Creation for Startup Companies.

#8. Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh is a dedicated marketing professional who shares her insights, discoveries, and experiences on her marketing blog.

Regardless of your technological difficulty, she has a solution you can try out right away, plus a ton of advice to help you along the way! 

Join her open and informative “Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks” club to learn more about the online environment.

She has an audience of around 75,000 before her active participation in answering queries on the web on Quora.

Additionally, she has twice been recognized as a leading Quora contributor. Her writing has been featured in Inc., and Huffington Post, two prominent global periodicals.

#9. Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep Chopra, the founder of “Digital Vidya,” has already been working in the field since 2000.

Proud to have graduated from IIT Delhi, he now instructs others on topics as diverse as cyber security, digital marketing, and data analytics. 

In 2007, as the digital environment was beginning to attract business owners, he established Digital Vidya.

Chopra is one of the first digital marketing pioneers and a highly desirable international speaker because of his innovative thinking and keen insight.

#10. Neil Patel

When it comes to digital marketing, few people can compare it to Neil Patel, who has been working in the field since he was just 16 years old.

The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, former President Obama, and the United Nations have all praised him as having a significant impact in their respective fields.

He co-founded Crazy Egg and has provided digital services to major companies like Google and Amazon. Free keyword suggestion tool Ubersuggest was his contribution to the world.

#11. Ranjeet Gupta

Ranjeet Gupta is the founder of “rktechtips” & “CyboServer” with more than 5+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing Field.

He shares more informative blogs on his blog which is helping many beginner bloggers to grow in their digital marketing career.

You can easily start learning digital marketing tips and tricks here. you can also contact him personally to learn Digital Marketing as a Course.

Ranjeet Gupta is also running a growing Web Development & Digital Marketing agency with the name “CyboServer

He develops responsive, dynamic, mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized websites & delivering high-quality Digital Marketing services for all businesses.


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