Top 17 Best Ways To Earn Money From Home

Top 17 Best Ways To Earn Money From Home
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Top 17 Best Ways To Earn Money From Home : In March, our Prime Minister announced the nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus crises.

At that time, we didn’t have any idea how long it was going to extend, how our education, lifestyle, and financial conditions were going to affect due to this.

Now since we are at home we are bound to adapt to this new digital way of life, many of us are working from home, and most of us are freshers and to start earning to become financially independent is still a dream.

That is why Ysense, Swagbucks, and Prizehog have come up with the service of providing credit points and easy money just for doing the most basic things like completing surveys and shopping! Moreover, don’t let your skills get ruined at home; instead, there is a list of ways by which you can make money online.

Here you will know about some simple ways of earning money online which is going to be easy & going to make your life easy in earning. many students, younger, workers, etc all are earning dollars daily per work.

You can get here a lot of micro works so, let’s have a look at various realistic ways by which one can earn money online-

1. Freelancing work.

You have the best way to earn money online through freelancing sites where you can find a lot of websites to work online,

you only have to fill the details, education, skill-related So, that We had always associated earning money to traditional offline methods, but the growth of the number of freelancers making money online changed the whole game.

If you have any skills such as content developing, graphic designing, video-photo editing, data entry, problem-solving, etc.

Different USA-Canada based companies need to work temporarily, so they usually don’t prefer to hire a full-time employee, and thus, they hire freelancers.

On these platforms, you will be paid according to the project and completion days. It can range from $5-$500. All you need to do is to register yourself on the site by your Email-id or phone number, Fill in the details and make sure to update an attractive resume to it.

You can easily make money from various platforms such as:,,,

2. YouTube.

Yes, you heard it right! Most of all are at home getting bored and thus spending our whole time on our smartphones. Now, this is the best time to take advantage of the current scenario.

If you have any knowledge and a mobile handset, then you are all set to start your own YouTube channel regarding cooking, teaching, crafting, anything that you think you are good at.

Not only this, if You are an adult and all you do is to play games at home even then you can start live streaming on

3. Internships.

Instead of just doing something online to earn money, why don’t you do an Internship in the field where you want your career to be.

There are several platforms such as which offer online internships for students/freshers/women who are willing to give 5-6 hrs a day. 

After completion, you will not only gain knowledge but also you will be getting a stipend as per the application, Certificate, Letter of recommendation, which will be helpful for you during the time of job seeking.

Also, if your work is good, there are chances that you directly get hired by the company at the right amount of money.

4. Online Teaching.

They say learning never stops! No matter we are dealing with a global pandemic, but you still can share your knowledge with students and get paid for it.

Remote learning is at its peak, and there are lots of vacancies for skilled persons. The platform like Whitehat Jr is the best place to start your career as a programming teacher for kids.

You will be paid hourly, which can range from INR 225-500. Now it’s up to you on how many hours you can put in.

5. Content Writing

If you love to read and have plenty of thoughts to share, then this the best way out of all. Writing content is something that needs discipline and capability to build thousands of impressions.

Various companies need a Creative writer. You can easily search for them on, LinkedIn, etc.

6. Blogging

Blogging is such a great way to earn money online here you can start with free from you only have to write articles daily then get AdSense approval or use an affiliate link to earn money So, this is the best way to earn more money.

Many people are working full time as a blogger and are earning more than in a 9-5hrs job. You can start posting your content on any social media platform like Instagram, Creatorshala, or you can create your blog through WordPress.

Blogging is a long time process and needs persistence. Once you get specific numbers of traffic/followers, it’s easy to gain brand recognition.

After getting monetized, If your content is excellent and unique, brands will contact you for collaboration.

Remember, “Money never comes easy” it needs time, hard work, and dedication. Always be patient and give your best work.

7. Buying & Selling domains.

You have a good way to earn commissions by buying & selling the domain.

You can purchase some interested/excited domains to keep stock then you can list them to selling dashboard after that you can sell per requirement. It is also a good earning source. 

Top 5 best domain selling marketplaces.

Godaddy Auction Flippa Marketplace Sedo Marketplace NamePros Forum NameCheap Marketplace

8. Social media marketing.

You can go with social media marketing where you can find many platforms such as Instagram where you have to increase followers base then you will get sponsorship to earn money through companies, can earn money to promote any company on your social networks. 

Few Popular Social Networks

Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin

9. Selling photos.

You also have this opportunity that If you like photography then you can capture some quality & impressive image in your camera & can sell on some website to earn money. This is such a good way to earn money.

Few Popular Image Seeling Sites.

Shutterstock Alamy Etsy Fotomoto Crestock

10. Trading.

If you like to gather knowledge about business, stock market then you can learn share marketing where you have to purchase or sell shares of any company then you can make a good income by the share value.  

Few Popular Trading Sites.

Upstox Angel Trade Zerodha Kite

11. Affiliate/Reseller.

This is the biggest way to earn money online many people are making a good income through affiliate & reselling

here you only have to get sold well through your referral link where the more you get sold the more you will earn commission here. First, you will have to make a network that can purchase the product through your referral link.

Few Popular Affiliate Sites.

ShareASale Amazon Associates eBay Partners Shopify Affiliate Program Clickbank Rakuten Marketing Affiliates Leadpages Partner Program

12. Developing website.

You can learn WordPress to build any type of website easily then you can find out customers through social networks

after that you can start making a website at a reasonable price to earn money. I guarantee that you can make a good income through this.85% companies don’t have a website So, you can see the scope.

13. Developing Applications

You can earn good revenue in-app development just learn through youtube & google you can find a lot of information here & can learn app development then you can go to any company to make an application then work well & earn well.

14. Paid Writing.

You can do article writing job online 2-3 hours & can earn money daily per page you have to write the articles through an image or documents given by the company. This is such an easy task & you can do it part-time as well to make extra money If you are a job goer then you can do this part-time to earn extra money.

15. Paid surveys.

Guys, many websites are there that provide this option where you can complete some surveys & can earn money online.

you can use mobile to earn with surveys the way. You have to complete some simple surveys & can get paid daily extra cash.

16. Adsense.

Adsense is the website through that you can monetize any website through ads you can create your own website or can ask anyone website for displaying ads to earn money this can also be good be of earning online.

17. Shorten link

Many websites are there that provides a feature where you can shorten the link If you have a blog & you write an article daily So, you can use the website to shorten the link & can earn extra money per click the link.

Top 17 Best Ways To Earn Money From Home India

Conclusion: We discussed the top 17 genuine online earning ways which can be the best online for making money.

You can earn some extra cash through ideas that are given upside So, choose & start making money today, best ways to earn money from home, how to earn money without investment from home, how to earn money online in India without investment for students, best online earning ways in India , Top 17 best ways to earn money from home Also Read:

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