Best Keyword Research Tips & Techniques For Bloggers

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Free Best Keyword Research Tips & Tricks For Bloggers: Hello, friends welcome to this blog article where I am going to tell you the most essential topic about SEO strategies which is the compulsory thing for the new blogger because you know in this time there is much competition in the blocking field so

it is too difficult to get success in blogging field due to being a new blogger because those who are big bloggers they use a lot of paid tools, therefore, they are able to rank their post as soon as possible they know a lot of strategies that they are a successful blogger this time but

In starting a new blogger don’t have money for the paid tools so show the trick I am going to share with you this is totally free and simple to use by this trick

you can find out difficult keywords(best keyword research tips) that will help your website to rank on google through best keyword research tips so let’s begin.

Value of keywords Research for the blog posts.

best keyword research tips: guys, first of all, I will tell you about the value of keywords how keyboard matters for the blog post if you want to rank your article so

it is essential to use keywords in your article mostly in the H1 and H2 Google always rank that cost which comes under the keyboard

if any person is searching something such as  “online earning tricks” so Google will show that result in which article” h1 will be online earning tricks” So,

you can see this is the strategy to rank the post by Google you can imagine keywords are the most important thing to rank any post. without keywords, So, it is impossible to rank any post this time due to having traffic or competition in the blogging field. Therefore friends,

I am going to tell you a simple, easy, and free way to find out difficult keywords keep reading. how to find keywords and best keyword research tips.

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How to find a difficult keyword for free in two ways.

1st way.

Guys, now it’s time to tell you a simple and free way to find out difficult keywords you don’t have to do hard work just go to your Chrome browser or on google,

you have to search the topic what is your blog post title then you will see many options for searching as shown in the image

best way to do keyword research, how to do keyword research, best free keyword research tool, how to find keywords, keyword research tips,

After searching you have to collect some keywords from the options are showing then you have to copy-paste to notepad after that

you can use these keywords in your blog post otherwise you can check those keywords traffic, searches, etc using this tool“google keywords planner”

2nd way.

in the second way you have to search a keyword on Google then you have to scroll down after that you will go the photograph page there you will see/find a lot of keywords

which will have searched by the many people you have to select some LSI keywords from there you can see in the image showing below.

best way to do keyword research, how to do keyword research, best free keyword research tool, how to find keywords, keyword research tips,

which you can use in your blog post rank your post on Google otherwise same you can check on Google keyword planner which is totally free then

you will see in one week or ten days your post is ranked and you will get a lot of traffic to your website. how to do keyword research.

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best free keyword research tool Step By Step:

1. Go to chrome browser or on google.

2. Type to search for a keyword related to the article.

3. Then you will see some options to search.

4. Copy them and paste them to notepad.

5. Use those keywords in the blog post.

6. Or check on google keyword planner

7. Always use keywords in title,h1,h2,h3

8. Then wait to rank in 15-20 days.

Install the Yoast SEO or RankMath plugin.

After doing all the setup you have to install the Yoast SEO plugin or RankMath plugin which will help your post to get SEO strategy it will help you to set a post meta description

which will help your post to rank and you have to add some keywords in the post meta description so that Google can catch keywords from post meta description because

Google always checks meta description first then Google gives the result to the user who is searching for the result, therefore, this plugin is most useful for you to rank any post so this was the strategy to rank any post free simple and easy.

Free Best Keyword Research Tips & Tricks For Bloggers

Conclusion: In this post, we discussed the best way to do keyword research which is a free and simple way to find out the best keywords that you can use in your blog post and can rank your post easily. best keyword research tips, how to find keywords.

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