What can we learn from Google’s past algorithm updates?

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Google has been up and running for the past twenty-three years. Ever since it started in 1998, this was the most efficient search engine. And it still is today.

Over the course of these twenty-three years, we saw a lot of changes. Google’s algorithm has between 500 and 600 updates every year, which is a nightmare for many website owners.

Everyone wants to understand the secret behind these changes. However, that’s not always easy.

If there is one way to better understand them, it is to try and learn from Google’s past algorithm updates. And that’s what we are going to cover today!

Google’s algorithm is a mystery

The number one mistake you can make when starting SEO is to think you can unravel the mystery of Google’s algorithm.
The best is to accept that the algorithm is always going to be an unsolvable puzzle. If you are regularly doing SEO audits, there is a 50-50 chance that the algorithm will benefit the website or crash its ranking.

That is a common scenario. There were a couple of instances in the past when websites lost their ranking juice for unexplained reasons.

No amount of SEO changes could fix the problem. However, it is also known that the problem might fix itself after Google releases the next core update. 2021 July core update had a lot of essential changes that affected many websites.
Just accept that these changes are inevitable and roll with the punches. Take care of your SEO, and everything will be fine.

Be patient when doing SEO

Organic traffic and high rankings do not come overnight. Google values hard work. You need to be thorough and take care of all the little details if you want to increase organic search and visibility.

Put your content in front of everything else, and you should not have any significant issues. Old customers know who you are.

If they are satisfied customers, you will still get new clients via recommendations, even if the algorithm messes up your ranking.
Do not worry too much about things you cannot control. Just stay in the game, and provide the best service to your clients. Google will know.

Always know the latest information

It is not possible to keep track of 500-600 algorithm changes every year.

Furthermore, we already mentioned how predicting changes is virtually impossible and that you should not stress too much about things you cannot control.

Nevertheless, that does not mean you should completely forget about the algorithm. All top SEO experts still follow the latest news.

Know the dates of potential updates and everything that happened before. You cannot track the website’s performance and deal with the algorithm updates if you are not in the loop.

Constantly keep track of any changes on the website

What practice taught us is to closely monitor potential changes on your website. The slightest drop in daily visits or ranking is a possible sign that something has changed.

You need to be aware of these fluctuations in order to respond on time.

If your strategy is to wait for Google to release the information that an update has happened, you are already behind. You need to discover the update as soon as it starts affecting the website.

What are the major red flags of SEO?

If we look at Google’s past algorithm updates, it is clear that they want to weed out any websites that do not provide quality. All of their updates revolve around taking care of major red flags in SEO:

  • irrelevant content;
  • keyword stuffing;
  • spammy links;

Google also wants to group similar keywords. This offers more relevant search results.

If you wish to learn more about some of the most important algorithm changes, you should read more about the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates.

Be diligent when it comes to SEO

Past algorithm changes are a great teacher. People who want to start their website today have a considerable advantage.

They did not have to deal with all the changes that happened over the past 20+ years. There are many guides on how to build your website, optimize your blog, and stay in sync with what Google wants.

There are many ranking techniques at your disposal. Know your theory and all of the most important rules before you start working on SEO.

Consider hiring a professional SEO company

All of these SEO changes can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are trying to keep up with them on your own. What you should do instead is hire an SEO or digital marketing expert.

These companies spend all of their time researching Google’s algorithm and using their knowledge to build quality websites.

Take a quick look at Digital Dot to whiteness how a professional company helps brands deal with constant changes.

You need a powerful and experienced partner that will help build credibility and awareness in the online world. Once your small business becomes a brand,it will be easier to deal with any drops.

As a simple example, Coca-Cola does not have to worry about ranking number one on Google. Everyone knows about the brand, and no amount of Google updates will harm its business.

Learn from Google’s past algorithm updates and be proactive

There is really no better advice than to learn from Google’s past algorithm updates as much as possible.

Since you cannot predict when the next change will happen, all you can do is know your SEO rules and be active 24/7.

You need a proactive approach. Always be aware of the changes on your website, and nothing will be able to surprise you
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