10 Steps To Practical On Page Seo Tutorial In 2020

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10 Steps For Best On Page Seo Tutorial In 2020: learn advanced SEO tutorial, Hello, friends welcome back to this blog with an interesting topic which is going to be useful and essential part of your blogging career because

here I will discuss about on-page SEO because as you know about the competition which is increasing day by day and if you want to get success in the blogging career so you must have knowledge about SEO so

I’ll tell you about on-page SEO and its strategies how can you use on-page SEO to rank your website on the first page of Google I hope it will help you to the large extent. How do you do on-page SEO in WordPress?

(1). What is on-page SEO?

on page seo tutorial: friends, I will tell you about on-page SEO on-page SEO means when we do a lot of simple things in a post such as a keyword researching, URL checkup,  meta description, alt tag, title, heading grammar, spelling check-up, SSL certificate checkup, etc. this whole thing comes under the on-page SEO which I am going to define below so keep reading.

(2). How SEO works step by step?/How do you do SEO on-page?

As ID find about on-page SEO I am going to give you some tips and tricks to do on-page SEO

which will help you more in blogging career because guys it is the reality if you are a new blogger so

you will have to work hard to be a successful blogger because those who are big boggers they use costly tools for the SEO but

you don’t have money so you will have to go with the free method, therefore, I am going to define on-page SEO strategies. What is search engine optimization with an example?

(3). Site Should Be Mobile-Friendly.

After making a website you have to check that your website is mobile-friendly or not because

it is too essential to be a mobile-friendly website so you must use mobile friendly & responsive themes in short your website should be responsive which means if any person opens your website in any gadget such as mobile, tab, laptop, computer, etc. so

the website should take shape automatically and should be mobile friendly because in India 90% of people use mobile phones so if your website is mobile-friendly so visited will like to open and read your article properly so you must remember this word.

(4). Target on Main Keyword.

As you know that keyword is the brain of SEO you have to select the low competition keywords and have to target them then

you will be able to do on-page SEO use must invest at least half an hour to find the difficulties so that

you can get more searches more organic traffic it is the most essential thing for you for this you must use keyword everywhere alternative tools for free in on page seo tutorial.

(5). Use a Short URL.

You must use short and relevant URL because if you are using short URL then you will get a lot of organic traffic

because many people search on Google with the small keyboard they don’t it like to write lengthy sentences so

you have to use short URL using different keywords this will be helpful for you to a large extent in on page seo tutorial to rank post URL as soon as possible.

(6). Add ALT Tags  In Your Images.

Guys, if you really want to do on-page SEO so you have to use alt tag feature where you have to keep some keywords so that you can target those keywords by the image because

Google doesn’t understand the image, therefore, you must use keyword in the world tag and you can also fill that description box.alt tag images can be a part of image SEO.

which will help you to write a powerful article and SEO friendly in on page seo tutorial.

(7). Optimize Your Meta Description.

guys it is a very important thing that you must optimize your meta description and post meta description on a daily basis which is an important thing for the on-page SEO

you can use an SEO plugin to optimize your post meta description on a daily basis for free there is a famous SEO plugin Yoast and rank math which are totally free of cost provided by WordPress

you can use it and can optimize your post meta description daily while writing the blog post so you must do this to rank your post given steps in on page seo tutorial in 2020.

(8). Use Proper Title & Heading Tags.

You have to use properly title and heading tags such as H1, H2, H3 which is the important thing you must use this while writing a blog post and

you can use keywords in the title and heading tags which will help you to do on-page SEO properly and you can rank your post after someday easily through following this on page seo tutorial for free.

(9). Check Spelling,  grammar mistakes.

guys, you must check your article spelling and grammar mistakes if there is any mistake so Google will make your rank down so you have to remember this to check out grammatical mistakes

you can use Grammarly Chrome extension which is provided totally free you can use that to check the mistakes it will underline the mistakes from your article then you can easily replace that mistake with the correct word so you must use this chrome extension to do on page seo tutorial in 2020.

(10). SSL certificate

If you want to do on-page SEO and proper base so you must purchase an SSL certificate for your website which provides your website https tag which is one of the best things for the security purpose and for on-page SEO

if you don’t have money e so you can also try free which is provided on cloud fair website you can go and can submit your website after that

you can on https mode then refresh your backside and you will see https is enabled this is a compulsory thing for you.how to do SEO for website step by step learn in on page seo tutorial in 2020

10 Steps For Best On Page Seo Tutorial In 2020

Conclusion: we discussed here What is on-page SEO?, What are the on-page SEO factors?, Why on-page SEO is important?, What are some best on-page SEO techniques?, How SEO works step by step?

I hope you understand these steps of on-page SEO, on page seo tutorial, how to do on page seo in wordpress, Step-By-Step SEO Guide for Beginners, How to do seo in WordPress, seo step by step process 2020.

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