Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Website Development

Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Website Development
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WordPress celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and has many other reasons to be happy.

With more than 65 million blogs and websites created using WordPress and large companies such as TechCrunch and CNN, it should not come as a shock that both developers and marketers would recommend it to their colleagues and customers.

WordPress is a platform widely known for its numerous advantages. It is entirely free. It has a vibrant community of users, and its developers are swiftly expanding the range of layouts, themes and plugins that allow the platform to meet any requirements.While most WordPress plugins are utilized for blogging, they can be used by any business with an online store to a social network.


It doesn’t matter if you’re beginning your own business, learning how to enhance the online visibility of your business, or you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience.

If you’ve been using the site for a while, You may have been familiar with WordPress, and you’ve been wondering about its meaning and how it functions for companies.

WordPress is a platform for publishing used to create websites and blogs. It provides a unique user-friendly interface that powers hundreds of millions of websites across the globe and various major brands like The New York Times, People Magazine, PlayStation and CNN using WordPress.

There is no doubt that WordPress has many customers, and if it’s precise enough to meet the requirements of the big boys, it’s suitable for websites online too.

Each website, large or small, needs a reliable CMS. You’ll need the top digital publishing platform accessible when you design a website. There are a variety of venues that you can choose from. But, WordPress still ranks as the top choice in terms of design and layout for websites.

Numerous experts’ research shows that more than 29 per cent of all websites in the world use WordPress, and the number is regularly rising. WordPress has grown from a simple blogging platform into a highly efficient CMS. What is the reason for making use of WordPress for web design? Here’s a list of 9 reasons that may convince you.


WordPress was created in 2003 when nobody had a basic understanding of CMS or a blog site.

Although it started initially as a tool intended for writers, the site swiftly developed into the choice for anyone from entrepreneurs to programmers with no or little tech expertise. It is estimated that 500 websites are made every day using WordPress.

The long-term viability of WordPress implies that it’s likely to remain in use for a more extended period. It’s not as easy to gain the same confidence level from some of the new CMS platforms popping up,

and they struggle to gain the attention of a vast audience or get purchased by a rival or are shut down completely. This leaves you nowhere or in a tough spot if you’re using it.


Open source implies that WordPress’s construction code is available and accessible to everyone, and a free CMS doesn’t make your website vulnerable. Indeed when you use WordPress, you’ve taken the first step to improving the security of your site.

It is easy to download and edit the WordPress code at any time. It is essential to be aware that not the WordPress team approves every change, and you might have to upgrade to an updated version if you can get the changes approved.

In addition, purchasing WordPress costs you nothing but money, and that’s more than you could say about other similar platforms on the market.

Today there are more than 3000 WordPress plugins and more than 2600 WordPress themes available online. You require a hosting service and an appropriate domain for running WordPress, and you’re ready to go.


Nearly every site owner desires to rank higher in search results. WordPress is built to be SEO friendly, which means you have the option of downloading WordPress to improve this function and enhance your site’s SEO.

Your site becomes highly appealing to search engine spiders when you use WordPress. The reason is that WordPress is built with simple compliance and high-quality clean code, and it also can generate semantic markups.

The flexible and highly rational design makes search engines prefer WordPress. WordPress gives every post and page distinct Meta tag keywords, optimizing search results more precisely.


A business owner does not want to be stuck with cookie-cutter websites, and if you’re using WordPress, it won’t be. Its WordPress theme system is about the creation of attractive designs fast. It would help if you bought one-time licensing to use a premium theme. The most popular ones are equipped with extensive instructions and templates to suit various uses.

Additionally, WordPress is at the core of flourishing independent development. So, if you need help, you’ll be able to get it quickly.

The factors listed above will be less costly when you require assistance in customizing your website, and it won’t take long. If you believe you have the necessary technical knowledge and well-documented themes, you can create changes yourself.


The customization options and the available plugins may be daunting; there are many locations and places where you can seek assistance – one of the great features of WordPress is the sheer number of users using it.

WordPress is home to an extensive community forum, which is moderated by staff members and WordPress fans alike. If you don’t find the answer located in the discussion, you’re able to ask questions in the forum.

It is also possible to seek assistance outside of WordPress. There are numerous websites and blogs with posts like on WordPress, including reviews of plugins to theme installation.

Because most people who create websites using WordPress appreciate its choices and flexibility, they’re always available and eager to help others get started.

Digital marketer Alex Denning is working to solve the issue of marketing that people do not want to tackle. Denning began using WordPress seriously around 2.5 around ten years ago.

“I remember thinking the vibrant community made it an obvious choice, and I’m happy I was right. I’ve tried a handful of CMS platforms over the years but always come back to WordPress,” Denning said.

Denning. According to Denning, WordPress has the right combination of extensions, simplicity and customization. In the end, the WordPress user base is their most valuable source of innovation.

It is the driving force behind its fantastic variety of plugins and themes and its extensive support network.


WordPress has a wide range of functionality-augmenting plugins available, both paid and free. Each theme – generally the layout or design used for the site’s front page – and plugin featured within the WordPress gallery comes with personal reviews by users, and you can see the way they work when they are put into use.

In addition to reading the reviews Additionally, you can see the date that your theme/plugins last changed. It could be worthwhile to try something different if it’s been over an entire year because WordPress is undergoing the most recent major update.

Although there are many plugins and themes online, you must undertake extensive research to ensure that they work together. Some of the most popular plugins, like BuddyPress (a complete social network and community plugin), will only work with specific themes created around the theme.

When it comes to organizing CMS platforms, it’s worth investing in a high-end or distinctive theme for your site. In addition, custom-designed plugins that improve your user experience are typically worth the cost.


WordPress can be installed on virtually any hosting provider because it powers around 60% of the web. The majority of hosting plans offer a single-click installation of the CMS or have it installed. This means that customers can have a wide choice regarding where they will host their WordPress website.

You can quickly locate the affordable dedicated server providers and also set up local WordPress on your PC to test and develop your site.

Mother of Bourn Creative blogger, speaker, and a prestigious designer, Jennifer Bourne, began her relationship with WordPress after a particularly “tiring relationship with a client who was always requesting to make instant adjustments to their website late at night.

The site’s user was running a CMS, and however, it was so complicated that the client didn’t want to make the effort of updating the site by themselves.


Because WordPress is the most popular platform for website and blogging worldwide, It is essential to safeguard your website from spam-related attacks.

WordPress websites are targeted because there are many accessible (as any other popular CMS platform will attest). There are many options to help keep your CMS secure and secure.

Be sure to purchase a safe theme and look into using a backup service such as VaultPress or any other security backup software.

There are free and paid options, but you need to go through all the pros and cons and reviews before purchasing one. It’s also a good idea to periodically backup your site to your local hard drive or computer in the event.

Because WordPress is utilized in such a large number and is so popular, the options for protecting your website’s content are limitless.

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