How To Start A Blog Best Ideas In 2020

how to start a blog best ideas In 2020: Friends I am going to tell you the best strategies to start a successful blog where you can make a good revenue through that blog. Because It is too easy to start a blog but a successful blog is not so easy, therefore

I will explain here to start a successful blog with some steps that will clear your doubt to start blog 100% where

you can understand the best way to start a blog that can be a success in your life & you can get a good experience in your life So, let’s begin and learn how to start a blog in 2020.

how to create a successful blog strategy In 2020.

(1)Purchase domain & Good hosting

how to start a blog: Guys, It is the first work to start a new blog you must purchase a domain & hosting that should be google friendly

you must take hosting from a good platform & should take domain name related to the keyword & short So, that people may search your domain name on google directly & you may get organic traffic to your website.

(2)Best theme & customization

It is too important to have a good theme that can be unique in google So, that Google can identify your theme that you have taken something new to the website.

You can also customize your theme that can make your blog unique to others. It is a much more important thing you must follow then you can create a good blog on the best responsive & customizable theme.

(3)Use Yoast SEO

After setting up the domain, hosting & theme you should install Yoast SEO plugin to your WordPress dashboard It is totally free and best SEO tool provided through WordPress then

you have to set up it properly in settings to improve the blog quality, can set the meta description So, that Google can identify your website properly & can index in search engine.

(4)Add to social Networks

After doing the all set up you have to create an account on all social media platforms and have to add to your website So, that

google can find out your social media networks on your site & can index on google because this is too important to have social networks account with the name of your website name So, that

you can increase the traffic to your website. Every blogger faces this problem in stating they don’t get proper traffic, therefore, they must use Social media platforms to drive traffic in starting.

(5)Research before writing posts

After setting up all things now it’s time to write blogs. You must remember this thing before writing blogs you should research about the topic you have chosen.

You don’t have to copy-paste an article from any website you can take ideas from many websites & can create unique content to make your article best use some SEO tips while writing the post in how to start a blog.

(6)90-100  post in 4 month

how to start a blog: After researching you have to set a target that how many posts you have to write per month you can set a target to write 90-100 posts in 4 months you have to complete it at any cost.

Remember that you don’t have to take Adsense approval now just complete you post in 4-5 month because you have to index your whole article to google & have to give regularity to write posts,

you have to use SEO tricks in writing posts. You must have the best article that you have written, then the next step.

(7)Adsense approval

After writing the 100 articles it’s time to get AdSense approval you have to apply for AdSense account then you will get approval easily you won’t be rejected because

you would have proper content & 100 posts that will help you to get approval after that you can start your earning  


After AdSense approval, I am 100% sure that you will earn with AdSense because you have a good domain, hosting, theme, 100 posts & AdSense approval then you will start earning because of traffic on your site that will be organic because

after 100 posts you will have a lot of traffic that will have indexed to google then you will get traffic automatically So, best of luck to all those are going to start a successful blog and how to start a blog.

how to start a blog best ideas In 2020.

Conclusion: we discussed the best strategies to start a successful blog by following all information step by step you can start a successful blog

So, guys read, learn & start a successful blog, how to start a blog, how to start a blog in India, how to start a successful blog, how to start a blog and make money, etc.

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