Top 7 SEO Content Optimization Tools To Boost Ranking

SEO content optimization tools to track, recommend, and optimize keywords and content to boost website traffic, tools used by digital marketers.
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Top 7 SEO Content Optimization Tools To Boost Authority: Hello friends you are most welcome to this blog post where

I will discuss SEO content optimization tools how we can optimize our content and blog post so that we can get higher search rankings in search engines.

Content optimization defines how better you have polish and optimize your content that can rank on search engines.

you know content writing is art but content optimization is a skill through that you can polish your content using some efforts

You can say content writing is a cooked food and content optimization is spices As spices can make your food tasty the same here content optimization strategy can make your content strong.

If you want your visitors not to forget about your content so you must use SEO content optimization tools which make your work easier to optimize content and article.

I have shared the top 7 best SEO content optimization tools that will make your workflow easy I have tried to give better content on this article so that you may choose any tool as per your comfort

What is SEO content optimization?

Content optimization can be explained as SEO friendly and interesting content that can be comfortable to read for the user and for Google as well.

For the user, Content optimization is a strategy that basically fulfills the intent of user what the user is searching over the internet

and Google is providing that content which user is searching for that will be considered optimized content.

For the writers and search engines, content optimization is a strategy, SEO, efforts through that we can make any content readable, discoverable, and well maintained.

These content optimization tools will help you to:

Let’s learn how these SEO content optimization tools are going to help you to provide you maximum benefit in search ranking.

#Find Content Issue:

These SEO content optimization tools will help you to find out all the problems and issues in your content

those are preventing your article to rank in search engine after getting to know problems you can fix them and your article will be free to rank.

#Score Content:

The tools I am going to share most of them I will provide you content scoring feature through that you can get to know no related topics and suggestions you are going to write.

Then after research, you can add some value to your content as well to make good authority.

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#Gain More Traffic:

A little bit of optimization in an article and changing in your article can push your post to good traffic.

SEO content optimization tools will also help you to boost organic traffic by optimizing the content.

#Provide Recommendation:

A menu of tools are given below that well recommend you many topics regarding your content then you can personalize your content to make a strong article.

7 SEO content optimization tools for content writers.

Now without wasting time let’s move to the content optimization tools which are going to help you more in your workflow these tools will add value and shine to your content.

1. Frase

Frase is an amazing tool for brief content writing this tool is not so popular but nowadays this tool is known by every digital marketer because of its quality and workflow.

SEO content optimization tools to track, recommend, and optimize keywords and content to boost website traffic, tools used by digital marketers.

This tool uses artificial intelligence to create and provide a brief content quickly

It will provide you topics and subtopics within a second that is amazing to cover and optimize your content.

This is not enough this tool also so known by content optimizer and scanner which scan top-ranking articles and blog post after that it will recommend you what should you add in your article to improve search ranking on Google.

This content optimization software/feature can be used for the old articles as you can pick your old article and can optimize that article with the new trends points to boost search ranking and traffic.

This is not a free tool but it gives you a trial period to use  5 content briefs for free after that you can purchase its paid plan which starts from $39 per month.

2. SurferSEO

SurferSEO is the most useful and helpful SEO content optimization tool for the writers and marketers it will make your on-page SEO easier and faster.

SEO content optimization tools to track, recommend, and optimize keywords and content to boost website traffic, tools used by digital marketers.

It takes the load of your all work in on-page SEO relating analyzing the content and targeting the keywords

This tool mostly focus to make your on-page SEO strong this is the feature that makes SurferSEO different than others.

Because of taking more feedback from the communities and people this tool is improving its machine learning algorithm which is making it a better content optimizer tool.

It’s one feature is also popular that is about page load time it helps how to decrease the page load time of your web page this function removes all your hard work and efforts.

This tool is used by many content writers, digital, marketers, and agencies its pricing is $59 per month and it also provides 7 days free trial for $1.

3. SEMrush Writing Assistant

SEMrush doesn’t need more explanation and introduction because it is established and more popular as the number one SEO suite.

SEO content optimization tools to track, recommend, and optimize keywords and content to boost website traffic, tools used by digital marketers.

SEMrush has many content optimization tools and models we have one of them, SEMrush writing assistant.

You can use this via SEMrush web application or it has it’s on WordPress plugin which you can use.

This tool is one of the simple and easy solutions to create SEO optimized content.

it also works like other SEO content optimization tools.

 it will scan all the top-ranking articles and will let you know suggestions and what topics and content you must add in your article to gain search ranking on Google.

SEO content optimization tools to track, recommend, and optimize keywords and content to boost website traffic, tools used by digital marketers.

It will suggest all the necessary factors to optimize your article such as:

#Text length

#Words to include

#Semantically related words

#Create backlink from

#Readability score

By following the steps and implementing the recommendations you can easily optimize your content to rank in search engines it will make on-page SEO strategy strong as well.

Semrush is a paid tool that provides you 14 days trial for free then in these 14 days you can easily know the benefits of this tool and use of this tool for your content optimization after that you can upgrade your plan.

You can use this tool for SEO and keyword searching then It will show you the following details:

#Organic search data
#Paid search data
#Top Backlinks
#Organic keywords
#Display advertising
#Organic position distribution
#Main organic competitors
#Competitive positioning map
#Top anchors
#Many more.

4. Grammarly.

Grammarly is one of the most popular tools which is the part of every digital marketer and agency those works for content writing.

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This tool basically optimizes your content for the reading purpose.

it scans your article and finds out all the grammatical mistakes and spelling after that it gives a suggestion to replace with the right word or sentence.

Grammarly tool is available for all the platforms including Chrome extension, desktop, mobile application, iOS app, and Google docs, etc

it mostly works on all the writing platforms where you can write anything else it will start suggesting you optimize your content.

This tool is available in both free and paid versions you can choose as per your workload and comfort.

5. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is one of the most amazing tools in content optimization it optimizes your content for readability.

Mixture content to strong by finding complex words and hard to read sentences for your content.

Giving score feature is also available in this tool it will give you a score and grade for the content how better you have written after that

it will give you suggestions on how you can improve the grade by implementing some steps and suggestions in your article.

See in the Below image example.

SEO content optimization tools to track, recommend, and optimize keywords and content to boost website traffic, tools used by digital marketers.

You can basically copy your written content and can past in the Hemingway Editor after that it will start and

it will find out complex sentences to improve your content normally you have to improve the grade be optimizing the content.

6. ShortPixel

ShortPixel is a plugin that is most helpful to optimize images you are using in the article. You know the loading time of your website it also defines the optimized content level.

SEO content optimization tools to track, recommend, and optimize keywords and content to boost website traffic, tools used by digital marketers.

As you know heavy images are the burden that prevents you to create optimized content completely so to remove this you will need an image optimization tool that can make it lightweight and optimized.

when it comes to optimizing images on WordPress so I can go with ShortPixel plugin freely.

You don’t have to do here more work it automatically makes your images lightweight and decreases the size of images without losing the quality

so you can use this image optimizer plugin used by content writers digital marketers and agencies.

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7. Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO is the most popular plugin in SEO optimization which also gives you a function of social media optimization that is the part of content optimization.

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if you are using the WordPress platform for content publishing it comes for SEO tool so we remember the Yoast SEO tool for on-page SEO optimization.

You can also use your Yoast SEO for or social media optimization using a different title, image, and description for social media sharing.

You can make your content more shareable by using this feature you can optimize your content a little bit through this.

For using this feature just go to your post editor then and go to yours as you section below after that click on social then

you will see something like this showing in the screenshot after that you can change the title and meta description to make your content more shareable.

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More Content Optimization Tools

I think this is the end of content optimization tools list these days many tools are available in the market from them

I have shared the top 7 SEO content optimization tools that will help you to make your workflow easier and faster.

Focus on these optimizations while writing content.

#SEO content optimization

#Image SEO(Image optimization)

#Readability optimization

#Social media optimization

#Reading optimization

#Web speed optimization

Top benefits of content optimization

Here are given some benefits of content optimization.


If you have written well optimizer content then it will increase your SEO score and will boost your search ranking in search engines.

#Boost Traffic:

If you have well-optimized content so it will automatically boost your traffic based on search ranking higher search ranking means higher traffic.


New update the exciting articles or post and republish it then it will save you a lot of time so you can think how important content optimization is.

#Make Trust:

Optimizing the content and keep it updating creates a trust between the user and your content

it also impacts Google if you keep updating the content with the latest trend then Google will always keep you ahead.


I hope I have cleared the points properly regarding SEO content optimization tools by that you can boost your site authority and organic traffic as soon as possible.

I have shared the top 7 SEO content optimization tools that will absolutely help you to grow in the content publishing business.

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