How To Make My Website Load Faster In 2020

How To Make My Website Load Faster In 2020: Friends welcome to this WordPress category blog post where I will tell you about the best method to increase WordPress website speed in 2020.

this article is going to be amazing because After learning you will be able to increase your website speed through these tips and tricks because you know about blogging where if your blog post is loading fast so

visitor would like to read that otherwise if your blog post is loading slow so he will go back and don’t come to your blog website again it is the most important thing that a WordPress website should be in the speed so that

visitor can open the page easily with fast loading, therefore, I am going to tell you some important things which will help you to increase your WordPress website speed as soon as possible so let’s begin to how to make my website load faster

Good web hosting.

The main thing is that you must have good web hosting because if your hosting is good and best that time your website will work properly it will never go down so it is the most important thing about hosting.

many new bloggers are there those take cheap hosting in starting and they don’t get success in blogging career, therefore, I want to highly suggest you that web hosting is the main part of blogging career if

your hosting is good then everything will be ok your website will work properly. Therefore you must purchase a good hosting that will help your website to work fast and load fast as soon as possible.

Use A Solid And Lightweight Theme.

your blog website theme also impacts on your website speed because the theme is the structure and layout of your website which is the most important thing for your website so you always have to take solid and lightweight theme which should be simple and attractive.

you don’t have to take that theme which keeps a lot of many customization heavy settings which will make your website down and your website will load slowly therefore always use solid and lightweight themes that can load fast and will work properly.

I have observed many new bloggers who purchase heavy themes for blogging because they want to customize in many ways and at last,

their website doesn’t load fast through that their website works so slowly you don’t have to do this just take free or purchased solid and lightweight themes.

Use the Amp Plugin.

There is a plugin in the market AMP which is the most famous and useful plugin for the bloggers which can speed up your website easily you can use it with some simple steps

First, you have to go to your theme sidebar then click on add new after that you have to search for AMP

when you search then you will see many plugins will be there but you have to select that plugin which will be at the first after that install and activate then

you have to do some settings there which you can learn from YouTube easily and

I guarantee you through this plugin your website will really run fast, load fast and you will get more trafffic because it provides you a lot of features through this

which will help your website to clean up a website from time to time so you must use this plugin if you are a blogger because you will need this. learn how to make my website load faster

W3 total cache.

This is w3 total cache plugin which is the most useful for the bloggers whether they are a new blogger or experienced blogger this plugin is for both because

this plugin clears the all catches from your website and manage your memory, it removes malware and viruses from your website and memory so

you must have to use this because if you don’t use this plugin so your website will load so slow and it will not be able to work properly and will go down, therefore, remember this thing in the market many plugins are there those clear the cache but

w3 total cache is the best plugin in the market which is used by many bloggers and they get its benefit so you have to use it at any cost.

Optimize Your Image.

Image SEO: Image optimization is also the part of your website speed if you optimize the images which image you upload on your website for a blog post then

it will work properly otherwise if you do not optimize your image so it will start creating a problem and your website will not work properly 

In the optimization, you have to remember a few things such as always use free images, lightweight images, use alt tag image options, etc. Many websites are there that provide free images.

you can download from there and it is compulsory to use alt tag image which will help you to load fast on Google it is also the part of SEO, therefore, I recommend you to optimize your image on a daily basis then

you will be able to load your website fast on Google after that you visitors will feel good while reading for how to make my website load faster.

How To Make My Website Load Faster In 2020.

Conclusion: we discussed here how can you make your website speed up and load faster in 2020 where you learned some tips and tricks to speed up the website,

how to make my website load faster, how to speed up my wordpress site, how to make my website faster, how to make my website fast, how to make my website run faster I hope you understand the tips and will follow.

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