Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers in 2020

Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers in 2020: Guys, I am back with an interesting topic where I will tell you to top 5 best chrome extensions that a blogger must use during blogging time because there is more competition in blogging career nowadays So,

you must use some chrome extensions to make your work easy during blogging & If you are a beginner blogger then This article is most important for you because you can have a good experience in your blogging career with some chrome extension So, let’s begin with some points.

best google chrome extensions for bloggers


Hunter:  This is the chrome extension which is too important for a new blogger this extension is able to find out all email from any websites you will be thinking that how is this useful.

I want to tell you If you are a new blogger then you can find out many emails from blog websites & can send the link of your blog post to rank any post you can drive more free traffic to the website.

This can be the greatest way to drive more free traffic to your website by searching many customers you can target them directly So, guys use this extension for the better result on your website as soon as possible.


Grammarly: This extension can be the most useful for your blog posts because when you write down the article to your blog posts then you can use it for free. It will track the mistakes of your article while writing.

It will show a red line under the mistakes in grammar or spelling after that when you click on that word It will give you the correct word that will help your article to rank on google

because google can index your post du to be mistake-free So, guys you must use it during blogging for grammar help.


MozBar: This is the most useful chrome extension which can help you to work with the best websites by this extension you can check any website D.A(Domain Authority) and P.A(Page Authority) which will help you to find the best websites to make backlinks.

you can check some websites daily & can check the D.A & P.A after that you can easily get backlinks If the website option is given there then you can rank your website or post easily on google So, friends, you must use it for the quality backlinks.

(4)Wordpress theme & plugin detector.

WordPress theme & plugin detector: This is such a great chrome extension that name is WordPress theme & plugin detector by the name you can judge that this extension can detect the WordPress theme & used the plugin from any website.

If you are thinking to start blogging & to find out the good theme and plugin then you can choose the best website & can detect its theme & plugin after that you can apply that theme to your website and can use those plugins were detected.

(5)Similar Web

Similar Web: This extension will also be helpful for your blogging career you can use this chrome extension to check globe rank & analytics details of any website you can also check traffic, volume and referral link of any website.

you can check which website is growing & how is that growing the way you can also follow that website is following to rank So, guys follow this chrome extension to be successful in blogging career.


Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers in 2020

Conclusion: We discussed the top 5 best chrome extension that a blogger must use while blogging you can improve your productivity & can get a good experience in blogging career So, guys use & be a good blogger.

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