Top 3 Best Websites For Bloggers In Blogging In 2020

Top 3 Best Websites For Bloggers In Blogging In 2020: Hello friends, welcome to this blog here I will tell you the most useful topic where I will tell you the most powerful website and ways which will help you to write a strong article and SEO friendly article then

you will be able to write fast and the best article as soon as possible. Because it has been 2020 and competition is increasing day by day in the blogging field.

I will tell you about the best ways which will help you to write articles as soon as possible because in the blogging we have to write an article in two or three thousand words so it becomes so difficult for a new blogger, therefore,

I want to tell you about a website which will help you to write an article so soon and also tell you and also a ways from where you can get a lot of new ideas to write blogs to your website SO, let’s begin.

(1). Voice Dictation Website:

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This is a voice dictation website where you can write the article easily through your voice whatever you will speak in the mic it will write automatically whatever you speak so you have to select the language because here you are given approx all languages. 

In which language you want to write the article you can start speaking to the mic.

.Guys, don’t you think that it has been easy to write an article/blog post because you don’t have to type anything you just have to speak the content then you will be able to write down automatically as soon as possible.

you can write to 2000-3000 words article in half an hour after research.where you can write down the articles as soon as possible and can publish them to your website you don’t need to type for a long time.

(2). Extensions And Plugins:

I am going to tell you about some chrome extensions and WordPress plugins that will help you to write a strong article and SEO friendly article because while blogging when you use Chrome extensions then it helps you to a large extent so see below.


This extension will help you to write down articles without mistakes and without grammatical mistakes because whenever you write an article then it will underline the mistake with the red line and when you click mouse hover or click over that you will get the right word after that

you can easily replace that wrong word into the correct word on one click so you can use it for free many bloggers use this to write down articles without mistakes and strong article so you must go with that if you are a blogger.


This is the Chrome extension that can be most useful for you because through this extension you can check any website D.A(Domain Authority) & P.A(Page Authority).

after checking this you can create a powerful backlink on this website easily whenever you land on any website it will show that website D.A(Domain Authority) & P.A(Page Authority)  then

you can check that website option and you can submit your website easily then you will get a powerful backlink you must use this Chrome extension.

Keyword everywhere

This is the chrome extension which is related to keyword researching as you know that the use of keyword in the blog and the importance of keyword in the blog without searching keyword you can’t rank your website 

In this competitive generation you must use this plugin through that you can check keywords anytime anywhere on Google page or on any sheet otherwise

if you have collected some keywords then you can directly search over this extension then it will show you all the details after that you can use keywords easily.


This is the popular plugin which is providing SEO service free of cost from the WordPress which you can use for the SEO it will check the SEO in your blog post

how many keywords you are using,

what is the length of your article

everything will be checked by this plugin so you can use this to write a strong article.

Rank math

Rank math is also the best plugin that is new in the market and glomming nowadays

it is also the best plugin in the market. you can also use it to rank your post or article on Google as soon as possible because this plugin provides you a lot of features more than Yoast and

the main thing is that this is totally free and you get many of the features here which are amazing so you must try this plugin.

(3). Youtube:

Guys, now it’s time to talk about YouTube as you know about YouTube how famous website this is where anyone can make and upload the videos and can start generating side income on the basis of views but along with that,

you can also use this way to write down a strong and powerful article because many times after writing many articles we don’t get an idea on which topic we should write an article so that you can learn from the YouTube a little bit

because on YouTube you get the trending things, trending information, technology can find the information related to your blog website and you can use the dictation website to write articles as soon as possible

then your post will also be up to date and your online audience can read the post from time to time and

they can be up to date to collect information and to write a strong and powerful article that can be ranked on Google easily so you must use YouTube.

Useful Best Websites For Bloggers In Blogging In 2020

Conclusion: we discussed here the top 3 best websites which will be helpful for the bloggers during blogging in 2020 here you can see some extensions and plugins which can help you to write a strong and powerful article.

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