170+Free Web 2.0 Submission Sites List (Updated)

170+Free Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2021
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170+Free Web 2.0 Submission Sites List: Hello, friends today we are going to discuss Web 2.0 submission sites which are going to be an amazing way to boost your website domain authority, page authority, and search ranking.

Web 2.0 submission will help you to the large extent in SEO. nowadays many bloggers don’t do web 2.0 submission because of the time-consuming tasks but

I would like to say one thing It takes time but gives you results as well So always go through web 2.0 submission it helps to index your website along with boosting DA and PA of your website.

Your website ranking and traffic will surely be improved through Web 2.0 submission sites that I am going to share.

Today I will share 170+ web 2.0 submission sites list that will help you more in SEO So let’s begin with the main points.

The Benefits Of Web 2.0 Submission Sites

Let’s know some points related to the benefits of web 2.0 submission sites where I am going to clear the advantages of web 2.0 submission sites in some points so read carefully.

» Quality Backlink Creation:

Web 2.0 submission can help you to build a high-quality backlink because several sites allow links in the post where you can link your website URL to get a backlink.

one thing you can submit SEO-friendly articles to web 2.0 submission sites to get a high-quality backlink with no Spam.

You can publish at least one or two articles on a single web 2.0 submission site.

» Cheap Maintenance:

Web 2.0 submission sites are easy to maintain you will find many sites that will be paid but they will not charge you more their charges are very low so if you can afford then you must go with paid web 2.0 sites do they provide you with high-quality backlinks.

» Higher Search Ranking:

Having a website is so easy but having a higher search ranking on Google is not so much easy so web 2.0 submission can help you to achieve a higher search ranking on Google

you only have to create an account and create a website where you have to submit some links of your professional website then it will work to boost your traffic and search ranking.

» Improve Domain Authority:

As you know domain authority keeps a big role to rank any website or article so web 2.0 submission can help to improve the domain authority and page authority of your website.

it will not be done over the night but with your hard work and consistency, your website domain authority will surely be boosted gradually.

How To Do Successful Web 2.0 Submission 

You must follow the steps given below to get started with the web 2.0 submission.

1. First, select the high DA web 2.0 submission sites list shared by us

2. Then create an account on your selected web 2.0 submission sites and you must avoid making multiple accounts on a single website otherwise you will be penalized and can be proved spammer. So you have to create only one account on a single web 2.0 website.

3. Now you must select a rich domain that should have some keyboards.

4. Create other pages such as about us, contact us, services, etc

5. Choose an attractive theme so that you can grab attention.

6. Write SEO-friendly content to all pages you create.

7. You must use images, videos, infographics,s, etc in the article.

8. Do everything properly as you do on your primary website

9. Congrats you got a backlink for your website. 

170+ Web 2.0 Submission Sites List

S No. Website Link Type
1 wordpress.com DoFollow
2 blog.fc2.com DoFollow
3 deviantart.com DoFollow
4 blogger.com DoFollow
5 livejournal.com DoFollow
6 goodreads.com DoFollow
7 zoho.com DoFollow
8 weebly.com DoFollow
9 wix.com DoFollow
10 box.com DoFollow
11 myanimelist.net DoFollow
12 blogspot.com DoFollow
13 tumblr.com DoFollow
14 evernote.com DoFollow
15 blog.interia.pl DoFollow
16 4shared.com DoFollow
17 blog.pchome.com.tw DoFollow
18 zing.vn DoFollow
19 academia.edu DoFollow
20 issuu.com DoFollow
21 rediff.com DoFollow
22 jimdo.com DoFollow
23 sfgate.com DoFollow
24 last.fm DoFollow
25 redbubble.com DoFollow
26 www.redbubble.com DoFollow
27 ghanaweb.com DoFollow
28 my.opera.com DoFollow
29 xing.com DoFollow
30 wikidot.com DoFollow
31 shutterfly.com DoFollow
32 www.zimbio.com DoFollow
33 calameo.com DoFollow
34 myspace.com DoFollow
35 salon.com DoFollow
36 gaiaonline.com DoFollow
37 dreamwidth.org DoFollow
38 couchsurfing.org DoFollow
39 posterous.com DoFollow
40 20minutes-blogs.fr DoFollow
41 snappages.com DoFollow
42 ucoz.com DoFollow
43 hubpages.com DoFollow
44 travelblog.org DoFollow
45 miarroba.com DoFollow
46 keepandshare.com DoFollow
47 travellerspoint.com DoFollow
48 kazeo.com DoFollow
49 sitew.com DoFollow
50 www.sitew.com DoFollow
51 rebelmouse.com DoFollow
52 foroactivo.com DoFollow
53 webnode.com DoFollow
54 gawker.com DoFollow
55 angelfire.com DoFollow
56 diigo.com DoFollow
57 forumotion.com DoFollow
58 albawaba.com DoFollow
59 care2.com DoFollow
60 www.smore.com DoFollow
61 unblog.fr DoFollow
62 soup.io DoFollow
63 jamendo.com DoFollow
64 slashdot.org DoFollow
65 wikispaces.com DoFollow
66 eklablog.com DoFollow
67 webs.com DoFollow
68 www.webs.com DoFollow
69 centerblog.net DoFollow
70 docdroid.net DoFollow
71 socialmediatoday.com DoFollow
72 blox.pl DoFollow
73 www.jambase.com DoFollow
74 cyboserver.com DoFollow
75 squidoo.com DoFollow
76 selfgrowth.com DoFollow
77 insanejournal.com DoFollow
78 youblisher.com DoFollow
79 fotki.com DoFollow
80 www.yola.com DoFollow
81 bravenet.com DoFollow
82 storify.com DoFollow
83 merchantcircle.com DoFollow
84 citeulike.org DoFollow
85 dailystrength.org DoFollow
86 jigsy.com DoFollow
87 ipernity.com DoFollow
88 yudu.com DoFollow
89 moonfruit.com DoFollow
90 blogtalkradio.com DoFollow
91 edublogs.org DoFollow
92 angelfire.lycos.com DoFollow
93 tripod.lycos.com DoFollow
94 getsatisfaction.com DoFollow
95 purevolume.com DoFollow
96 www.purevolume.com DoFollow
97 doodlekit.com DoFollow
98 wetpaint.com DoFollow
99 www.kickofflabs.com DoFollow
100 blog.com DoFollow
101 23hq.com DoFollow
102 wallinside.com DoFollow
103 beep.com DoFollow
104 own-free-website.com DoFollow
105 www.own-free-website.com DoFollow
106 rhizome.org DoFollow
107 filesanywhere.com DoFollow
108 wayn.com DoFollow
109 hatena.com DoFollow
110 cabanova.com DoFollow
111 www.cabanova.com DoFollow
112 inube.com DoFollow
113 pen.io DoFollow
114 spruz.com DoFollow
115 www.spruz.com DoFollow
116 kiwibox.com DoFollow
117 buzznet.com DoFollow
118 doomby.com DoFollow
119 kidblog.org DoFollow
120 blurpalicious.com DoFollow
121 datahub.io DoFollow
122 manifo.com DoFollow
123 freepdfhosting.com DoFollow
124 bcz.com DoFollow
125 quizilla.teennick.com DoFollow
126 pusha.se DoFollow
127 slmame.com DoFollow
128 experienceproject.com DoFollow
129 travelpod.com DoFollow
130 technorati.com DoFollow
131 netlog.com DoFollow
132 en.over-blog.com DoFollow
133 flixya.com DoFollow
134 blog.de DoFollow
135 friendster.com DoFollow
136 areavoices.com DoFollow
137 sosblogs.com DoFollow
138 www.sosblogs.com DoFollow
139 joe.pl DoFollow
140 webgarden.com DoFollow
141 www.webgarden.com DoFollow
142 blog.wox.cc DoFollow
143 twoday.net DoFollow
144 getjealous.com DoFollow
145 workitmom.com DoFollow
146 workitmom.com DoFollow
147 vip-blog.com DoFollow
148 wordpress.com/ DoFollow
149 us.webnode.com DoFollow
150 blogger.com/ DoFollow
151 livejournal.com DoFollow
152 tumblr.com DoFollow
153 wix.com DoFollow
154 yola.com DoFollow
155 wikidot.com DoFollow
156 evernote.com DoFollow
157 slashdot.org DoFollow
158 weebly.com/in DoFollow
159 en.sitew.com DoFollow
160 myspace.com DoFollow
161 snappages.com/ DoFollow
162 webs.com DoFollow
163 rediff.com DoFollow
164 hubpages.com DoFollow
165 own-free-website.com DoFollow
166 spruz.com DoFollow
167 smore.com DoFollow
168 sosblog.com DoFollow
169 webgarden.com DoFollow
170 emyspot.com DoFollow
171 wallinside.blog DoFollow
172 iblog.at/ DoFollow
173 pen.io/ DoFollow
174 soup.io/ DoFollow
175 webspawner.com DoFollow
176 skyrock.com DoFollow
177 typepad.com DoFollow
178 zimbio.com DoFollow
179 jimdo.com DoFollow
180 typepad.com DoFollow


I hope you understood the article where I discuss the web 2.0 submission and shared 170+ web 2.0 submission sites link. you can use these links to get more traffic to your primary website.

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