7 Benefits Of Investing In PPC Advertising (Updated)

7 Benefits Of Investing In PPC Advertising
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In the world of online marketing, there are many different approaches and strategies. Some tend to focus on social networks and building an organic following, while others work on improving SEO and reach.

Interestingly, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has a place in all of them. In this article, we will take a look at the 7 benefits of investing in PPC advertising and talk about why it is a good fit for any marketing campaign.

The main 7 benefits of PPC advertising are:

1. You get to control how much you spend

When investing in PPC advertising, you get to set your desired budget. This means that it is practically impossible to overspend. Additionally, you aren’t locked into a specific package like you would be with some other types of marketing.

This is especially important for smaller companies that can’t afford more expensive forms of advertising. However, PPC advertising is a good fit for both small and large companies because it scales really well.

If you are running a small local business, you can decide just to target the local area and stay within your budget. On the other hand, large international companies can increase the scope and budget of their campaigns and target users worldwide.

2. Pay only when getting results

As the very name states, you are only paying per actual click on your ads. This is one of the most important benefits of investing in PPC advertising since it is highly cost-effective.

Other advertising options can charge you regardless of the effectiveness of the ads they run for you. Imagine paying exorbitant amounts of money for a TV ad, only for people to change the channel or not tune in at the right time.

Things like that can’t happen with PPC, as a small charge is deducted from your marketing budget only when people click on the ads.

3. Fast to get going

The barrier of entry for PPC advertising is extremely low. It won’t tie up precious resources and overburden your designers since it is easy to set up and get going quickly.

Sometimes more complex campaigns can cause your business to come to a halt while you are occupied with the design and implementation of the new marketing.

What’s worse is that some marketing efforts may take a long time to show results, making them a dubious investment in the first place.

While it might be worthwhile to explore long-term strategies, there is a definite benefit to something that gives immediate results. Due to its overall speed and efficiency, PPC advertising will always have a place in your company’s marketing.

4. Easy to measure results

We have already mentioned that some forms of advertising can take a long time to show results. Furthermore, after the prolonged waiting period, the data you finally gain can be hard to interpret.

In contrast, running a PPC campaign through Google Ads has some apparent benefits. Google itself offers insightful analytics tools which you can use to measure the results of your marketing efforts. There are, of course, alternatives to Google and Adsense which you can use. 

Measuring the results of PPC adverts is also great if you are running multiple parallel campaigns. You can put them side to side and compare them to see how each of them is doing.

Another important factor is tracking conversions on your landing pages – which is where all of your PPC ads will lead users.

5. A good testing ground

When we look at all of the above-mentioned benefits of investing in PPC advertising, we can draw some important conclusions:

  • PPC ads are easy and fast to set up
  • You control the budget
  • Ability to measure and track results

All of these factors add up to make PPC ads a great testing ground and the perfect place to experiment with different marketing approaches. Based on the return on investment you are getting,

it will be easy to refine your strategy and try something different if your current advertising isn’t working as well as you had hoped.

6. Directly target customers

Although some companies like to cast a wide net when it comes to their marketing, it is also beneficial to narrow your focus from time to time.

Any marketing executive will tell you that targeting only certain customer base segments is the most efficient strategy. Obviously, you should start by doing keyword research. Afterward, you can bid on the chosen keywords for your PPC ads.

This will allow you to target your ads at people looking for products and services you are offering. Additionally, you can focus on specific customer characteristics such as online habits and interests.

7. PPC is easy to combine with other marketing

Whichever marketing approach you choose to run for your company can easily be complemented with PPC advertising.

The only thing that PPC marketing requires is a landing page with a call to action button – and that’s something you will need for other types of marketing as well. PPC advertising goes hand in hand with standard SEO practices. However, boosting SEO can be a complex endeavor.

If you feel confused or stuck, the digital marketing experts advise working with professionals, at least at the beginning.

Combining and reworking marketing campaigns into a cohesive whole can work wonders and ensure you don’t miss any segment of the market. Another great benefit of investing in PPC advertising is that you have the option of remarketing – you can target those who visited your website and didn’t make a purchase.

In summary

Now that we’ve gone through the 7 benefits of investing in PPC advertising, it may be time to rethink your next marketing campaign with that in mind. Regardless of the size of your marketing budget, you should always try to dedicate at least a portion of it to pay-per-click advertising.

It’s fast-acting and can give you measurable results, which you can use to adjust your entire marketing. Instead of paying hefty marketing fees, why not only pay when you actually reach your customers? It might be time to launch PPC ads for your next business venture!

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