Introduction To PPC ( Pay Per Click )- A Complete Guide

Introduction To PPC ( Pay Per Click )- A Complete Guide In 2022
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The first struggle faced by any website owner is the flow of traffic towards his/her website. A website must get more visitors for its establishment.

Pay Per Click Advertisement is one of the most widely used tools for digital marketing. There are different ways and tactics one should follow to achieve a high position in the digital competition. One of the main and basic ways is the PPC ( Pay Per Click).

Pay Per Click (PPC):

“Pay Per Click Advertisement is the method of online marketing where you can place ads in strategic places online”. You are paid only if the ad is clicked by the visitor that’s why it is named Pay Per Click.

This means you are buying visitors instead of attracting them organically. You are paid whenever somebody clicked the ad.

The most popular PPC channel in today’s generation is google ads where you are advertising on the search result pages.

Other search result pages include yahoo, Bing. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube also have options for paid advertising.

Brief Discussion:

Including social media and search result pages, you can find strategic places where you can put ads on all kinds of websites all over the internet.

Every time a user clicks on an ad the advertiser pays a specified fee, which is called Cost Per Click or simply CPC. If anyone wants to do paid advertising, he/she will have a question in mind.

How much is the Cost Per Click? The answer is, there are different Cost Per Click for different platforms depending on the competition for the specific space where you are putting your ads.

The average CPC across the industries in the US is between 1 and 2 dollars. This is not a hard and fast rule for all ads, this is only the average value. Some ads can cost only 0.3$ while others can cost up to 50$ or even more. 

Another important term associated with PPC is CPM ( Cost Per Mille) in Latin Mille is used for thousand. This is applied to videos ads only.

CPM is based on impressions alone. The cost paid by an advertiser is for 1 thousand views or impressions for an advertisement. Simple, investment for 1 thousand views by an advertiser.

Benefits of Pay Per Click in advertising a business:

Pay Per Click Advertisement is very important for business advertisements. A lot of questions popped in mind while initiating your business.

Are you seen by the customers? Are new customers are added to your business family? Our customers are easily connected with you.

The only answer to these questions is the proper advertising, marketing of your products and brand.

PPC helps you out in your brand awareness, promotion, and increases your search engine visibility. Even if you are planning for CMS Development it’s easy to promote via PPC advertisement.

 Following are some benefits of PPC in the advertisement of your business.

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is extremely targeted:

You can precisely choose your audience to whom you want to show your ads. It is based on the location, Keywords, interest, age, gender, language, and the type of device they are using.

So, it is the best way to invest your money directly to the people who are interested in what you are offering them in the form of ads rather than investing in mass marketing where the chances of your ad click are low comparatively.

2. Retargeting:

Retargeting is huge, on average out of 100 people that visit a website only 2 of them clicks the ads and convert into regular customer.

The rest 98 people which is 98% of the total initial traffic are wasted. In retargeting the initial mass which is wasted is reminded by the businesses by placing their ads to check their services and products which they have missed.

This in turns helps businesses to attract more of the 98% of people who were not interested in the first time.

3. PPC advertising is cost-effective:

PPC advertising is cost-effective. The only time you will pay a fee is when your ad is clicked by a visitor.

When you consider the fact that the top 3 advertising spots on the search results get 46% of the clicks, the odds are in your favor.

You secure a top position in the list even above the top organic searches. If one-click costs you 10$ for one-click but the product which you sell is for 300$ dollars, that’s a great return on your investment.

4. PPC advertising is trackable:

Paid advertisements are trackable. You can monitor your ads performance and adjust your ads accordingly if it is not getting enough clicks.

You know the exact value of your ad performance, and you can figure out which ad is giving you more sales and helping in your business as compared to others with no progress at all. This helps you focus more on your weak points and drive you towards the improvement of your business.

5. PPC only pay for the visits you receive:

In a PPC advertisement, you pay only if someone clicks the ad you have put on search pages, social media, or any website.

As compared to other advertising methods you pay for your product marketing, but the results are not guaranteed. The traffic to your website is not assured but you must pay for it. In PPC your cost is directly proportional to the visits.

6. PPC increases your Brand recognition:  

In PPC advertisements your brand is recognized by your visitors. If they have once, click your ad on any website, they will receive your ad again and will get familiar with the name of your brand.

The repeated presentation of your brand name increases your revenue. You have appeared more in their search results which drives their attention towards your product. They are also interested in physically visiting your location and purchasing offline.

7. Budget can be rescheduled and controlled:

You can reschedule your budget of Pay Per Click at any point if you desire. The cost which you set initially is not set in stone.

If the cost per click you are offering is increasing as compared to the results, the keywords can be changed, and a new lower cost is set instead.

If some of your ads are not showing good results you can turn them off very easily and put your investment in those who are doing great.


Pay Per Click advertisement is the best way to boost your business. It gives numerous benefits in advertising a business. i.e., PPC optimizes google ad words for better results, pays for real clicks not views, instant rankings on search engine results, focused targeting, control your advertising budget and many more benefits.

It is one of the most effective online marketing tactics in which visitors are more likely to purchase organic visitors. Both the advertisers and publishers are benefited from the PPC model.

For advertisers, the PPC model helps in advertising their products and services to a specific interested audience. For publishers, a primary revenue stream is provided by the PPC model.

In this fast-growing digital world, every business should include PPC advertising for better results and greater success. For a better establishment, the PPC advertising technique is a must to be followed by small or large businesses

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