Understanding Content Marketing [ A Guide For Beginners ]

Understanding Content Marketing
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Explore the rationale behind content marketing, its history, mechanics, main tools, and some actionable insights.

What is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is creating content, whether in the form of blogs, videos, or graphics, that are then shared digitally.

The content does not have to promote the business or brand that creates it; it is meant to engage readers and pique their interest. 

When done correctly, it is an excellent strategic marketing tool that can sometimes have significant benefits for the company or business that takes advantage of it. 

Brands and companies that may not be familiar with content marketing can often rely on an eCommerce agency to help their company take the necessary steps to ensure the brand gets the essential exposure it deserves and wants to accomplish.

How is Content Marketing Beneficial? 

Not many users realize that it can be an easy and effective way of growing one’s brand, gaining exposure, and garnering leads when it comes to content marketing. 

Five benefits that come with content marketing include: 

Brand Awareness

Creating content can be cost-effective, especially when done in-house. As a result of its cost-effectiveness, it is an excellent way for companies and businesses to build brand awareness.

Suppose a company creates and publishes content that is relevant to its area. In that case, it not only garners brand awareness, but the company could then establish authority on the topic for which it creates content. 

Take, for example, a fitness company that creates content to promote the importance of exercise and fitness.

If done correctly, users can begin to recognize that this particular brand is the subject matter expert and reference them for all their fitness and health needs. This is what content marketing can do when it comes to brand awareness. 

Lead Generator 

Lead Generation: As a company begins to garner familiarity with its target market audience, it can benefit those viewing its page by turning them into leads.

Leads are when a potential client or customer visits your page, and if there are products or services to be bought, they buy them. 

The reason that content marketing often results in leads, especially with the help of content marketing, is that the company or business becomes an authority on the subject matter. 

Being an authority and source of reliable information means that consumers can trust the marketed products or services. 


Despite leads not always resulting in sales, content marketing can result in conversions, which is when the leads do become a sale or purchase. 

This can happen through a potential client or customer going through the website and exploring the content.

After exploring the content, the possible client or customer may decide to follow through with a purchase, which may not have been part of their initial plan when visiting the site.


Depending on where the content is marketed, the type of content created, and how often it is made can garner brand visibility.

The key thing about having visibility is that the content and the approach have to remain consistent.

Not having consistent marketing of information and resources can leave room for others (competitors specifically) to do their marketing and authority garnering. 

Having unique, meaningful, and engaging content is one aspect of visibility; however, the other aspect is having a unique brand that is easy to remember.

If we look at memorable brands worldwide, the things that stick out about them are their easy-to-remember logos or slogans. 

Money Saver

Often companies feel that hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, need to be spent for their brand to get exposure; however, that is not true.

If one knows how to write, what’s marketable, and their goal for content creation, this can all be done by someone within the company. 

Creating content is one thing; however, how to post and ensure it garners traction is another.

Many companies provide guidance and resources on how to properly and successfully market your content. 

Helpful Tips When Creating Content

Creating content for your business is marketing, and it is so much more than just words or graphics on a page.

When creating content, consider who your audience is, as this is going to dictate the tone and feel of your content. 

If your cooking company is about targeting those who don’t have experience with cooking or nutrition, you are going to want to create content that targets those with little to no experience.

This means using language that they can understand to produce content that is relatable.

Another thing to consider when creating content is the goal of your post. Do you want people to listen to your advice?

Do you want people to subscribe or buy a membership? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself when creating content that has an action you want the customer to do.

Consulting an eCommerce Marketing Agency

There is no shame in turning to a marketing agency; there is also nothing wrong with spending money to get your brand and company started.

If you are struggling, unsure how to approach content marketing, consider a marketing agency that can help facilitate your brand’s success. 

From creating successful and optimal campaigns to examining your presence on the web by looking at your business profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google rank. The higher your brand and company is on Google, the greater your chance to get leads and conversions. 

Establishing successful campaigns is not easy; therefore, one should not be afraid to seek professional and knowledgeable help from a marketing agency that understands how to create an appealing brand and image.

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