Small Business Tips: How To Target Generation Z

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Small business tips: how to target generation Z: With the economic downturn and the recession that is going to eventually worsen, a question exists. What is the best way to interact and attract Gen Z consumers?

There is so much going on with these young adults, and the fact that they are so diverse means that they are more open to new ideas and a new way of doing things.

If you are looking for some tips on how to market to the younger generation, please continue on to read how to target generation Z

Be Transparent

The first thing that you can do when you are marketing to your Gen Z set of prospects is to make sure that you are providing them with an opportunity to experience the products that

you have to offer. Gen Z-ers are going to want to try new things that are unknown to others. Gen Z is always learning about the newest trends and keeping up to date with all of the current news, due to their close relationship with technology.

If the Gen Z customers are getting what they want from your products, then they will be more willing to try more of them in the future.

They also share their experiences, both good and bad, so make sure that your marketed products are portrayed well to ensure positive word-of-mouth will be shared. 

Another important thing to do is to be clear about what your products and services are and where they come from.

If your customers do not understand where you are coming from or what the products are that you sell, they are going to go elsewhere to get what they are looking for.

You need to provide your prospects with a clear and easy to understand the picture of what you are selling and why they should purchase it.

You need to be transparent, since Gen Z is very in-tune with technology and the news they may find out if you are not being honest, which would lead to worse results than just being clear in the first place. 

Tell a Story

The next thing that you can do to help you market to your Gen Z set of clients is to make sure that you are giving them plenty of reasons to buy from you.

There is no sense in having a great product if you are not going to give them a reason to buy. Incentives can work well, but so can other ways. 

For example, you can do this by using storytelling marketing. If you want to make sure that you are helping your prospects get a reason to buy from you,

then you are going to have to be very clear about all of the different ways that you can make your products and services special.

This will allow you to create a positive image and a clear sales pitch for your product. Your brand awareness and the association will be positive and this could lead to an increase in customers. 

The best way to use storytelling marketing is to do it through social media. Make sure your social media is always up to date, that you are responsive, consistent, and you know how to use it.

There are so many free educational tools to teach you how to use social media, that there is really no excuse to not use it.

Try testing out apps that help make your job easier like graphic design templates or a video speed editor. Gen Z is very technologically attached so by having a presence on social media,

they are more likely to interact with your brand or products. Also, they are more likely to “share” your posts which can increase awareness as well. 

Make Sure You Have Good Customer Service Policies

Finally, you have to take care of your customers when they are looking for your products or service.

If you have not provided a good support system or a customer service that is able to answer all of their questions, then you might as well move onto another company that will be able to do that for you.

You should have an email or phone number listed on your social media accounts so that anyone can contact you on these platforms if they experience any issues with your product or services.

By establishing an open line of communication to deal with issues, customers will be more likely to buy from you and also continually buy from you since they know that you will handle any issues right away by offering an easy form of communication. 


Target marketing Gen Z can seem difficult, but it really is not. You just have to be aware of your target audience’s preferences.

Once you know their preferences, marketing to them will be easy. It is also important to make sure your product meets their preferences before you go actively advertise to Gen Z. 

In order to effectively target Gen Z as a small business, remember to be transparent and honest about your products and services.

This will help establish a sense of trust and make your brand stand out as being trustworthy. Next, make sure you are giving Gen Z reasons to buy from you, apart from just having a great product or service.

You can use incentives or storytelling to encourage Gen Z to buy your products or use your services. You also want to be active on social media platforms so that Gen Z can interact with your brand and feel more connected. Finally,

you want to make sure that your business has good customer service policies. By providing ways that they can interact with you to solve any issues, you will be able to establish relationships. 

Feel free to use all of these tips or a few. It may be difficult to implement all of the tips on how to target Gen Z difficult, but it really is not.

As long as you have a strong marketing plan and product or services, you will experience success. Hopefully, these tips on how to market to your Gen Z will help you start putting your marketing strategies into action and help you generate more business.

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