How To Get An Amazon Easy Store Franchise in India?

How to get an Amazon Easy Store Franchise in India?
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Amazon is the leading internet-based e-commerce website. Initially, they were an online book-selling company. They have now morphed themselves into an established e-commerce business enterprise. 

# Amazon Easy Store: New business hope for smart people

Amazon Easy Store is a program. It allows store owners to sell products to their customers. This tech giant plans to offer a real experience to its consumers. They want to spread their wings in every location. Hence, they are allying with network partners. They are planning to build Amazon easy store franchises with this.

It is a better time for brick-and-mortar stores that are located in a central location. Also, a better fortune for people in rural areas. The store owners do not have to stretch their space. They can do their business from their existing store.

A person can expand his/her customer base using the branding of Amazon Easy. They will get more footfalls to their store. 

# Advantages of  Amazon easy store franchise in India

  • Fixed commissions

As an Amazon Easy Store Franchise, the store owners can get fixed commissions. You will get your commissions straight into your bank account. 

  • The potential for high earning

Many adept Amazon’s network partners offer the best commission structure. Associate with them to earn potential profits.  

  • No inventory management

Using Amazon Easy, an  Amazon easy store franchise can sell any goods from anywhere. 

  • Low investment

Amazon Easy Store is a low-investment program. Hence, any eligible person can start their entrepreneurial journey easily. 

  • Sell variant product

A franchise can sell anything right from vegetables to toiletries. 

# How to get an  Amazon easy store franchise in India?

  1. Register with an established Amazon network partner.
  2. Share all the important documents to open theAmazon Easy Store Franchise
  3. Wait for confirmation
  4. On the approval, you can start your own business. 

A good Amazon network partner will ensure to provide proper training. It is important that you get training.

It is necessary before setting up an Amazon Easy Store. In it, you will learn about the strategies, tactics, etc., to run a successful Amazon Store. 

# Eligibility to get Amazon Easy Store Franchise

  • Must be 10+2 qualified
  • 18-45 years 
  •  Must have 200 sq. feet at least
  • Proficiently handle marketing activities
  • Proficient in operating computers

# Documents required to get an Amazon Easy Store Franchise

You will require the following documents to open a franchise:-

  • Statements of your bank account
  • Documents of your property (store)
  • Lease Agreement
  • GST No.
  • Electricity or Telephone bill
  • Address proof
  • Voter ID card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card

# Why should you choose an adept Amazon network partner?

Some of the benefits are:-

  • Target Rural Area

Many adept Amazon network partners are targeting rural areas. They believe that their  Amazon easy store franchise can help many people and small businesses. Hence, both customers and businesses will grow. 

  • Partnership with Amazon

You will be able to have a successful venture with the leading giant. With this association, you will get the support of the e-commerce giant.

  • 24×7 Support

An established Amazon network partner will ensure to give the best options. An established Amazon network partner will ensure to give the best possibilities.

They will have a dedicated team. They will attend to the queries, challenges, and doubts of their partners. 

  • Branding Materials

The Amazon Network partner will give the promotional materials. This will be in the form of hard and soft copies. These promotional materials include banners, flyers, etc. Hence, you do not have to stress to plan the designs for your hoard or shop. 

  • Dedicated Key Account Manager

Every franchise partner will be assisted by a Key Account Manager. They will give support and sales assistance. 

# Things you must consider before purchasing the Amazon Easy Store Franchise

  • Assessing your skills

Once you are assured that you want to do Amazon Easy Store business, check the skills you possess. You need to analyze it closely.

You must be aware of what you are best and comfortable in. Also, check the disposition that you got from your professional experience. 

You need to know if you can interact well with your consumers behind the counter. Check whether you are comfortable doing fieldwork. Or else, do you hold the finance to hire the manpower for fieldwork? 

Ensure you get the proper training to run your Amazon business. This is the reason why it is recommended to collaborate with a nimble Amazon network partner. They ensure to conduct proper training for the same. 

  • Time and Financial Investment

You must have a clear picture of your capital. Owning an  Amazon easy store franchise will not only cost you financially but also your time investment.

It means you must learn the rules of operating, managing, and hiring the staff. 

  • Profitability and passion

You need to have tremendous dedication to run an Amazon Easy Store Franchise. You must have the passion to give your best shot.

This will help you to run the  Amazon easy store franchise more profitably. This will only yield you maximum profit and there are more chances of doing well. 

  • Read Agreement

Have a close look at the legal contract before you give consent. Check what benefits you will receive when allying with your Amazon network partner. Make sure to have a detailed discussion. 

  • Schedule the meeting 

Ensure to arrange a meeting with the Amazon network partner. Ask them in detail about the pros and cons of the Amazon Easy Store Franchise.

In a nutshell!!

The straight-lined operations and organized business models are the business backbones of the Amazon Easy Store business.

Following it closely will facilitate your baby steps in this business journey. You need to follow systematized procedures with proven formulas. This will be your success mantra to grade your Amazon Easy store business.

Before you enter the business world, you need to choose the right  Amazon easy store franchise for you.

You need to ensure that you get the complete liberty to make unhindered decisions. However, you need to have orderliness and security from your franchisor.

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