Top 10 Best WooCommerce plugins For Your Store

Top 10 Best WooCommerce plugins For Your Store
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Running a thriving business is not at all an easy task. You have to be prepared in every aspect for serving best for your customers.

WooCommerce is not just a popular WordPress e-Commerce plugin, it powers 20.3% of e-Commerce sites. A business owner can add appropriate plugins to their WooCommerce stores for promoting business efficiency.

Why do you need the WooCommerce plugin?

Plugins are the best to have more functions on your WooCommerce store. They aid you to grow your business by adding new features. There are tons of paid and free plugins that you can use. So, it’s hard to find the appropriate one.

You don’t have to take stress as we have assembled a list of the top 10 WooCommerce plugins for your eCommerce site. You can have WooCommerce support to offer an adequate online shopping experience.

The top 10 WooCommerce plugins are as follows:

  • OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a top-notch WooCommerce plugin. It supports you to convert your site visitors into subscribers and enhance your email list rapidly. This makes it the most effective lead generation software.

The plugin comes with efficient features that include its signature feature “Exit-intent technology.” This technology oversees the activities of your website’s visitors.

If they are exiting your site, it will give them a sign with a targeted campaign. This feature is beneficial to enhance sales and decrease cart abandon in your WooCommerce store.

Apart from this, you can use this plugin to increase page views. You can also use it to up-sell or cross-sell customers, raise engagement, etc. The drag-and-drop page builder of the plugin permits you to create eye-catching pop-ups for your WooCommerce.

  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is an eminent plugin for your store. It allows your customers to wishlist the things they would like to purchase. They don’t need to check out or add anything to the cart. 

This list can be helpful at the time of the pre-holiday season. The user can add items and buy them later. It will not only boost up the experience of your user but also raise sales.

The website visitors can share their wish lists with family and friends via emails or social media. This indirectly increases sales of your store.

  • Yoast SEO

SEO is a significant component of any website’s success. Any business owner can uplift their sales with their presence on search engines. For this, Yoast SEO is the best plugin for your WooCommerce site.

You can have numerous useful features and tools with Yoast SEO. It can enhance your SEO score for your site. You can add product information and rich snippets to your search outcomes. This will aid to improve sales by increasing site visitors.

  • Referral Candy

Referrals are a great method to influence new customers for making a purchase. If you want to gain loyal customers, referral programs are the best.

How can you initiate these programs? With the Referral Candy plugin for WooCommerce. It is best for setting up and managing referral programs. The plugin supports you to keep existing customers and get new customers on your online store.

It lets you create an appealing referral program. You can give rewards to your loyal customers with discounts, cash, etc.

This plugin enables you to track new sales, distribute rewards, cross-channel promotions, and more. It is best to improve word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Product Import and Export

It is a tough task to maintain a database for thousands of WooCommerce products. Details such as descriptions, product images, etc., have to be saved before exporting.

How will you do it? You can add the “Product Export Import plugin” by WebToffee. With the plugin, you can create a CSV file and add product details in a well-organized format. Use the file to smoothly import and export it to your online store (later if needed).

The features of the plugin include SEO data, reviews, sync/update product information, and much more. It is beneficial for business owners who have plenty of products from multiple suppliers.

  • LiveChat

About 70% of customers abandon their carts before purchasing. Do you know why? It is because consumers want fast answers to their questions. For this, Livechat is the best plugin.

Engaging with customers is a short way to make them feel secure. You can integrate the Live Chat plugin with your WooCommerce store. This will let you provide answers to users’ queries instantly. 

The plugin can get integrated with other tools such as marketing automation software, email marketing services, etc. 

  • Doofinder

How will you ensure that your user has found the product they were in search of? You will need a powerful WooCommerce search plugin –  “Doofinder”. This plugin provides highly appropriate results due to its powerful search algorithm. It not only aids in increasing your sales but also boosts the overall experience of the user.

When any user starts typing in the search box this plugin shows the best results. Its algorithm detects typo mistakes made by the user. 

  • Monster Insights

The most prominent Google Analytics plugin is “MonsterInsights”. It supports tracking the behaviour of online WooCommerce visitors. With this plugin, you can have detailed reports on how they are interacting with your store.

MonsterInsights comes with an effective e-Commerce add-on to analyse the WooCommerce store performance. It includes transactions, average order value, conversion rate, etc. 

The plugin features individual customer tracking, real-time analytics, and product-related tracking. It is helpful for each person who wants to utilise authentic data while optimizing their site.

  • WooCommerce Multilingual 

Getting confused about how to manage the translation system for your WooCommerce store? WooCommerce Multilingual is the best.

This plugin aids your customers to translate your WooCommerce categories, products, etc., throughout the checkout process. They can scroll your website in the language that works well for them.

WooCommerce Multilingual comes as an extension for sites that are based on WooCommerce. It lets you send emails to admins and clients in a similar language. The plugin is best useful for WooCommerce sites that have International customers

  • Trust Pulse

TrustPulse is an outstanding social proof plugin for your WooCommerce store. The plugin uses real people’s activity to boost your website conversions. It has “On Fire” notifications that display the number of individuals who have taken action over a while. 

This plugin is beneficial for any website but a high-traffic WooCommerce store will have special benefits.


There are 100+ WooCommerce plugins in its depository. Though they all are best, you may not know which is good for your site. The above list can help you to pick the finest WooCommerce plugins. You can also contact the best team.

We recommend you avoid using too many plugins at one time. This can make your website run slowly.

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