Why Enterprise-Level Bare Metal Servers Are Helpful for Your Business

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Businesses worldwide leverage top-performing IT resources and the human workforce to enhance their brand’s credibility. So, how can they compromise on the web hosting quality standards? Hence, they mostly prefer dedicated servers, or we also call them bare metal servers. Their dedicated server configurations are of top quality and come up with relevant hosting features like control panels and others. 

Such bare metal servers give an isolated web hosting environment with optimal features, a higher bandwidth, maximum storage size, and others. If you are running an enterprise and looking for a reliable server, opt for cheap dedicated servers by MilesWeb. Those unaware of MilesWeb’s dedicated server must know that MilesWeb is the leading web hosting provider in India, providing top-notch web hosting services with optimal hosting infrastructure. 

Keep reading this blog post to know  what is bare metal server  and how host help multiple domains and websites for businesses. Continue reading and gain valuable insight on the same!

Bare Metal Servers: Explained

A physical server or a single-tenant physical server with no server resources sharing with other hosting account users mean the bare metal server. Mostly, bare metal servers  are configured with top-security level, more powerful, and stable hosting infrastructure. However, if you purchased low-quality dedicated hosting servers, they have several shortcomings. 

Thus, buying bare metal server hosting plans with a reliable web hosting company is recommended. MilesWeb offers high-quality dedicated hosting plans with full root SSH access. For hosting account users, they provide an uncompromising experience while hosting websites. 

Therefore, choose their reliable dedicated servers with optimal disk space and configurations. There will be no storage crisis to host volumes of websites and domains. This web hosting company offers enterprise-level servers.

As in bare metal servers, there is no server resource sharing among noisy neighbors, so there will be no hampering factors that affect the hosting operation. In terms of performance predictability, bare-metal servers give the highest performance assurance. It is because they have the most stable hosting environment that makes it perfect to process the websites and web projects volumes. 

In a nutshell, bare-metal servers mean owning one server and customizing it according to your needs without dealing with noisy neighbors. Thus, it becomes the best-selling web hosting service of the hosting company. 

Why Choose Bare Metal Server for Your Business?

If an organization deals with volumes of web projects, websites, and domains, you need enough space, bandwidth, and CPU cores. Also, for enterprises, you need enough disk space and compelling add-ons with hosting plans. 

This is where a bare metal server comes into the picture, offering you higher disk space, maximum CPU cores, and higher bandwidth. Moreover, there is no storage crisis while hosting websites and applications. And if we talk about MilesWeb’s dedicated server, web hosting account users will get upto 5 TB of disk space in the hosting plan. 

More disk space is required to scale websites. If you are worried about how to manage, modify or update domains from your server, the best thing web hosting companies offer is the control panel. As a website owner, you don’t have to pay an additional amount to take the benefit of control panels. All costs are included in the plans. 

Next, there are no security concerns while hosting websites and emails if you purchase bare metal server hosting plans. There are no server resources shared with other hosting account users. Hence, the chances of data breaches are minimal because the entire server owner is one user only. As far as MilesWeb’s dedicated server, you will be getting SSL-secured servers to encrypt data between servers and the browser automatically. 

Many tech firms, IT companies, and other organizations only host their websites and mission-critical web projects on dedicated servers. Because they are getting full root access and top-notch security, there is no compromise on the website hosting quality standards. 

Overall, dedicated servers meet technological advancements and the latest industry-relevant configurations. Such servers are designed and install appropriate applications to manage critical high-intensity workloads, such as business intelligence or database apps.

Therefore, bare metal servers are the popular choice of enterprises worldwide. However, biz owners find them expensive to buy dedicated servers. If you are also finding the same, approach affordable and reliable dedicated hosting plans by web hosting companies. MilesWeb meets all your expectations. 


Bare metal servers are at the forefront of the technology. You will have no storage crisis and hosting operations-related concerns if you chose such servers. Also, if biz owners are looking for managed server support, they will get the same by MilesWeb with an add-on cost. Get their enterprise-level servers with guaranteed 99.95% uptime, SSL encryption, Intel Xeon Processors and other amazing features. MilesWeb instantly setup bare metal servers with all the relevant configuration and you can host websites or applications with a higher bandwidth network.

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