Statistics And Facts To Give You An In-Depth Look At The Internet

Statistics And Facts To Give You An In-Depth Look At The Internet
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The digital landscape is consistently growing and developing. There are many intriguing facts about the internet, internet statistics, and ways of using the internet beyond what you can envision.

To help you with understanding the size, effect, and motivation of the internet (and World Wide Web) in general, we chose to supply you with probably the most remarkable data that will provide you with some point of view on the web world overall.

You can’t stop the use of the internet even when you have no idea of what it is, as the use of the Internet surrounds your daily use.

The web is a captivating, wild, and exceptional creation, and is without a doubt the greatest of the present-day wonders. Thinking back to the 1960s, the internet was a military-subsidized exploration that looked to connect PCs to each other.

That need to associate, that profound need to combine efforts, share data, and realize all that we can around each other has flourished in humanity and is communicated solely through the internet. Today, many of us share our thoughts, sentiments, information, and resources with the world online, and it is hard, in any event, for we who preceded Generation Z, to envision existence without it.

Below, you’ll see a rundown of important internet statistics and realities in classifications to help you with fostering a total point of view on this fabulous digital world.

Facts & Key Statistics

  • The number of active internet users is over 5.25 billion.
  • As of February 2022, China has over 1 billion active internet users.
  • There are more than 1.92 billion websites on the web.
  • 4.32 billion individuals use their mobile phones to go online.
  • There are 198.4 million active websites on the internet.
  • Around 7 million blog posts get published each day.
  • There are 4.2 billion active online social media users in 2021.
  • 47% of the internet all around the world use an ad-blocker. 
  • Cybercrime costs $3.5 billion for US organizations in 2019.
  • 26 smart objects are located close to each human on the planet.

# Let Us Understand A Few Facts About The Internet

The internet is the next stage in the development of human information. The internet is the modern library of Alexandria, however with undeniably more data.

  1. Internet users demographics

The internet has become far and wide across the globe as quite possibly of the most famous technological achievements. How about we take a look at the statistics below and see how inescapable the web really is, whether there are any continents that are totally covered with the internet, and which countries don’t have it?

  1. 5.25 billion people use the internet every day.

As of December 31, 2021, internet insights show that there are over 5.25 billion active internet customers across the world. If you are considering the number of countries that have web access, this number increases continuously, however, there are still over 2.7 billion individuals with no internet access.

The worldwide populace in 2022 is expected to reach 7.9 billion people. There are over 5.25 billion unique internet users, so they represent roughly 66% of the whole populace.

  1. The Average Growth Rate of Internet Users Is 8.2% Per Year.

The number of internet customers increases at a typical pace of 8.2% per year. Compared with this, the worldwide populace increases at a typical pace of 1.05% yearly.

After the radio was designed, it required 38 years to arrive at 50 million users. It required 75 years for the phone to do the same thing. However, the internet all over the planet has figured out how to arrive at 50 million users in only four years.

  1. Over 25% of websites are in English.

The most well-known language by far on the internet is English. 25.9% of the internet is in English, 19.4% is in Chinese, and 8% is in Spanish.

  1. Asia has the most significant number of internet users with over 2.8 billion.

To answer the subject of the number of countries that have internet access, we’ll begin with regions. Internet world details show that Asia is the continent with the largest number of internet users, over 2.8 billion. Europe comes in just short of the leader with not exactly 50% of this number, flaunting just under 700 million internet users.

Being one of the most populated countries in the whole world, China boasts the highest number of internet users. As of February 2022, China has had over 1 billion active users. India comes next with 658 million users, while the USA comes third on the list with 307 million users.

  1. 32% of Internet users overall are 25 to 34 years of age.

As of December 2019, studies have inferred that over 33% of web clients are 25-34 years of age. They’re firmly trailed by the 35-44 age demographic, which makes up 19% of the worldwide internet traffic statistics for users.

  1. The Chrome internet browser is used by 65.9% of web users around the world.

As of August 2020, Chrome takes up more than 65% of the worldwide program space. It’s trailed by Safari, which represents 16.82% of all internet users on the planet, and Firefox in the third spot with 4.09%

  1. Most famous web search engines.

The web search engines world is dominated by Google, which is the most well-known web search engine as indicated by Google search details. The main six web crawlers, as indicated by popularity are:

  • Google – 92.7% piece of the pie
  • Bing – 2.8% piece of the pie
  • Hurray! – 1.6% portion of the overall industry
  • Baidu – 0.9% portion of the overall industry
  • Yandex – 0.8% portion of the overall industry
  • DuckDuckGo – 0.5% portion of the overall industry
  1. In 1990, the principal web search tool, “Archie Query Form”, was launched.

The principal web search engine was launched back in 1990 and was named the Archie Query Form.

It listed FTP sites with download records. The actual sites weren’t accessible, just downloadable content postings.


To say that the web world is gigantic would be putting it simply. These web insights are only a piece of a lot bigger world.

There are countless fascinating numbers, statistics, and facts about the web which make the attempt to list every one of them in a single article would be a mammoth task. But, we’ve tried our best to show the best of our knowledge to you.

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