How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website In 2020

How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website In 2020:  Hello guys, I am back with the interesting topic where I would tell you how you can use social media networks to get free traffic to your blog site because

it is so easy to make a blog decides to hard to get traffic in starting in this way social media platform I can help you to find out traffic as much you want so

I am going to tell you about 6 social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest and WhatsApp these are going to be an amazing platform to give traffic to your blog website and how to drive massive traffic to your website so let’s begin

Using social media to drive website traffic.


2. Twitter

3. Pinterest

4. Instagram

5. Whatsapp

6. Linkedin


Facebook is such a great place to find out the traffic. This is the platform where we can upload images with the link daily basis I can drive and can drive a lot of free traffic from Facebook and you know

Facebook is known as the biggest source of traffic here you can get a lot of traffic as much you want so Facebook can be the best way to get more traffic, especially for new bloggers because

new bloggers don’t have any way to get more organic traffic so they must use Facebook, you can also share in the groups

that will be regarding your topic throughout you will be able to find out those who would like to read articles the type of your writing So, know how to drive massive traffic to your website


as we know about Twitter on Twitter you can find out the educated man, skilled man, the richest man, millionaires, famous people, etc. they all are found on Twitter

where you can find out a lot of groups related your nature-related your topic you have a return your article so you can submit your link with attractive image

I guarantee you will definitely get more traffic that will be amazing so just try Twitter it could be a great way to get more traffic from social media.


friends in this time Pinterest has been the most grooming social media platform where you can generate the pins of your post easily and you can drive traffic as much

you want because here you are required link and image related your topic, the topic you have written so just set an attractive image and keep your link there

after that see the magic of Pinterest, I have seen many times that any people get traffic through pinterest more than their followers so here you have many chances to get traffic so you must use Pinterest


Instagram can also be the best social media platform to drive traffic in the huge number to your blog site because after the Facebook Instagram will work for the lifeline so

you must also create your account on Instagram because you can get more followers from Instagram on the basis of your content because

Instagram followers come to you on the basis of your content if your content is best followers will increase automatically so

try once and get more benefits from Instagram especially suggested for the new bloggers they can get a good way to get traffic from Instagram learn how to drive massive traffic to your website.


hello, friends as you know about WhatsApp it is the best application to share links where you don’t it needs to worry about banning you can share a link in huge numbers except this whole thing you can join some groups you can find out-group from the Google easily.

these group should be suitable for your blog you can join that such as if you’re writing blogs regarding WordPress so you must join the group on WhatsApp regarding WordPress so that you can target those who like to to know more about WordPress so

what’s up in such a great way to find out how to drive massive traffic to your website so guys use this all social media and rank your website as soon as possible


Guys you also know about LinkedIn this is also so known good social media platform where you can find out businessmen, entrepreneurs

who will help your website to get more traffic because here you can fid those will be interested in your blog So, guys use & how to drive massive traffic to your website.

How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website In 2020

Conclusion: We discussed how social media can be helpful for the traffic for the new bloggers I told about 6 social media platform that can be absolutely helpful for your blog site

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