How To Setup Your WordPress Blog In 2020

How To Setup Your WordPress Blog In 2020: Hello friends, I am back with the most useful topic where I would tell you the steps to set up any WordPress website because many people don’t set properly and don’t get success in blogging career So,

I will tell you to set a website properly step by step I will tell you from domain purchasing to plugins setup. So don’t miss this article you will learn many things here.

I would clear that what should be the process to set up a blog website because many people don’t follow these steps and don’t get success in blogging career as soon as possible so you must know this so that you can be a good blogger as soon as possible, how to setup your wordpress blog.

Purchase domain and hosting:

how to setup your wordpress blog: The first step will be to start blogging you have to purchase a good domain and hosting because this is the main part of your website you have to choose domain related to any keyword so that you may get more searches and that will be organic traffic and

If I talk about hosting so if you are new in blogging career so you can choose a starter plan. otherwise, if you have some blogging experience then

you may choose good hosting that should be durable so that if there is more traffic on your website so it will not impact your hosting so you must take a good domain and host.

Install WordPress.

After taking the domain and hosting you have to connect with each other and have to install WordPress you will get many platforms where you can create your website but if you are going to start blogging so

you must go with WordPress because It is so easy to use and here you get free themes along with plugins

that will help you to customize your website and to add new features in your website such as you can add about the author in the sidebar,

you can add a contact form, etc. there are many plugins that would help you to make your life easy in blogging career so I want to highly recommend you to use WordPress how to setup your wordpress blog.

Choose Adsense friendly theme.

Guys after setting up the WordPress website. it is very important to set a theme regarding AdSense friendly and google friendly it is too important

So you have to choose good and customizable themes. I am going to give you some examples which are the best free themes.


this is known as one of the best WordPress themes for blogging which is used by many bloggers because this is a theme that is to customize and you can make it simple and attractive so that

your visitors would like to read the whole article. And the important thing is that you are given this theme free of cost through WordPress so you can use it for blogging.


This is so simple and attractive theme which is new on WordPress so you can use this because it looks so much better and it is AdSense friendly and google friendly both by using this theme.

Google will scan your website properly and will index it on google as soon as possible and it is also free of cost you can try it.


this theme looks so cool I want to recommend you this theme So, you must use once because this is too cool as a newspaper here you can add a lot of articles on one page and different sizes so, try it.

Add master pages.

after setting up all things domain hosting and theme you have to add some master pages on your website which is very important because it will increase your website demand and visitors and learn how to setup your wordpress blog

1. contact us.

you must add a contact us page to your website because through this page visitors can contact you easily through email id you will have to create a form on this page

where name, email id, mobile number will be required and submit button when they summit you will get a mail for the visitor so this is too important to you this page.

2. about us.

about us, the page will tell your visitors about your website story that when you start blogging, how much experience you have, how successful you go, How many websites you have,

what are your hobbies, etc means you have to write here about your website success stories.

3. privacy policy.

you should also add the privacy policy page because through this you can clarify How satisfied your website is this is a legal or illegal website etc. so you should add this page It will help you to gather client, customer, and users, etc.

How To Setup Your WordPress Blog In 2020

Conclusion: We learn here how to set up your WordPress in 2020 where you learn many tips and tricks to set up a WordPress blog properly so that you can be a successful blogger, how to setup your wordpress blog, how to start a successful blog in 2020.

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