Best Things To Know Before Starting A Blog In 2020

Best Things To Know Before Starting A Blog In 2020: Friends, I am observing that nowadays everyone is getting excited for the blogging you can find 2-5 bloggers in every society.

this is called the craze of blogging where everyone is making a career & want to be a successful blogger in life for name, fame & money So, today

I will tell you 5 important things that you must do before starting blogging because these are useful & helpful for your blogging career.

I can guarantee that the points I am going to share here that will help you at any cost in your blogging career So,  know the best things to know before starting a blog and let’s begin.

(1). Keep one month’s content in the backup.

This is one of the important things that you must follow. You should keep at least one-month quality content in the backup because blogging is the platform where you should be up-to-date So,

It is essential to have one month content if you keep then you can easily copy-paste the content to your site easily when you are busy or you have to go anywhere So,

I hardly recommend that If you are going to start blogging then keep content for the future having contents in the backup will make your life for the future. Best Things To Know Before Starting A Blog In 2020

(2). Choose the domain as a keyword.

If you are thinking to start blogging so, read this paragraph carefully because I will tell you that choose the best domain related keyword So, that you may increase your searches otherwise

you can choose domain name regarding used domain which should have a good domain authority then there are many chances to rank your website because It’s domain name relates used website name having good D.A(Domain Authority ).

(3)Take good quality hosting.

It is also an important part of your blogging career that always chooses a good quality hosting & purchase from the best host provider

such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, etc.because hosting is the most important part of any website which provides a place where you can create your websites.

If you take normal host then It may destroy on getting high traffic ever So, take good & best hosting So, that It can bear traffic easily in the future you can start with shared hosting as a new blogger So, Always go with the best host provider. 

(4)Use the English language. 

Always use the English language for blogging I know many are there those are using Hindi language but if you are a new blogger then use English because

google can read you article properly & can index in google & second thing never copy-past article from any website because google can easily track your mistake/spam & your website rank will start going down day by day So,

make your own content with the ideas taken from here & there. I suggested the English language because google will understand your language & will help you to rank.

(5)Use WordPress For Blogging.

Guys, as we know that there are two best platforms( &  are available where you can start blogging but If you are a new blogger So,

I want to recommend because It is too easy and simple to use you can set up your blog here easily with some steps & if I talk about customization So,

you can customize your blog as you want because here you can find best plugins throughout you can add new features to your website So, use WordPress for blogging best things to know before starting a blog. 

Best Things To Know Before Starting A Blog In 2020

Conclusion: We discussed here blogging that 5 most important things that a new blogger should obey before blogging to have a good experience in blogging career you should follow the thing given in the options because It will help you in blogging career.

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